Forms Authenticiation Cookie Problem


Rick Gamble

I have an app using the ASPNET.MDF approach to handle security.

The application works properly security wise if run on the production
server, behind a firewall, or outside the firewall only if IE's
Internet/Tools privacy tab is set to lowest; "accept all cookies".

When I use Internet Explorer the application comes up with the privacy icon
in the lower left hand corner. If I set my browser to low security it works
fine. Anything higher causes trouble.

Beyond that I haven't touched machine.config's UseDeviceProfile or altered
the applications web.config


If anyone has seen this behavior and/or has a solution I'd really like to
know about it.

Thanks in advance.




Tasos Vogiatzoglou

I wouldn't advice going cookieless. Just check for cookies support and
if browser don't support it show a message. User can enable cookies
even if he has high level of security There is also option to enable
cookies for specific sites.

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