I have the following on a web page:

- GridView with a button on each row to EDIT a record.

- An INSERT button outside of the GridView that when clicked should
call a form to create a new record.

- A form composed by TextBoxes, DropDownLists, and a SAVE button.

Now I added a FormView to my page. I need to create the following

- When a EDIT button is pressed the FormView should appear in Edit
mode with the record for the given row id.

- When the INSERT button is pressed the FormView should appear in
Insert mode.

I created my GridView at runtime by using the ITemplate

1. I also need to create the FormView at runtime. Is there any example
for this?

(I am trying to copy my GridView ITemplate implementation but I
think I am doing something wrong)

Basically I am copying the form, with textboxes and dropdownlists,
that I created earlier to my FormView Templates.

2. My FormView ItemTemplate, EditItemTemplate and InsertItemTemplate
all look the same. Do I need to create all 3?

3. How do I created the EDIT / INSERT > FormView functionality that I
described earlier?




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