Fullscreen window is not working

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by efrat.yahav, May 15, 2005.

  1. efrat.yahav

    efrat.yahav Guest


    I really need your help here, I looked all over and couldn't find an
    answer to my problem:

    I developed a flash-based site in which I have a gallery of pictures
    and when the user presses a magnifier the picture opens in a new pop-up
    window. Now, I want this window to be in fullscreen mode. Since I am
    doing it from the Flash my code might seem a bit strange:
    function BigImage() {
    sUrl = bigPic[p];
    wdth = "(screen.width+10)";
    hgth = "(screen.height+10)";
    scrbr = "yes";
    rsiz = "yes";
    maxparam = "1";
    full = "yes"
    lft = 0;//resx/2-wdth/2;
    tp = 0;//resy/2-hgth/2;

    In short, it gives:


    I also tried a shorter version that works quite similarily:


    The problem is, it works perfectly on my computer locally, but as soon
    as I put it on the server it behaves differently on each computer, and
    I only checked with IE! I have IE6 and it doesn't work (it opens as a
    very small popup window).

    Ppppppplllleeeeessssseeeee help. it's driving me crazy :-S

    efrat.yahav, May 15, 2005
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  2. efrat.yahav

    Efrat Guest

    I realized it's a Flash problem, coz when I'm doing it directly from
    the html code it's working fine. But I need it to work from the Flash.
    Any ideas???

    Efrat, May 15, 2005
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