Getting at Formview Data



I have a custom FormView control which I build in code at run time in the
page pre-init event. When the user clicks a linkbutton control elsewhere on
the page, I change the mode of the formview to insert and build the insert
template in the page's pre-init event. The insert template has a footer with
a linkbutton having commandname="Insert" to save the data and it has an event

The event handler gets executed just fine when I click the linkbutton, but I
cannot for the life of me find a way to get at the data in the formview
control. I have tried all sorts of options in the linkbutton handler as well
as using the formview control's Inserting event handler. No luck. I just
cannot seem to get the data from the formview - even any default values that
I put into the textbox controls of the insert template when it is being built.

Is there some trick I might be missing?

Thank you!

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