getting fileupload values into a form that's bound to a datagrid



Note: this is all VB/ 2.0

I have a formview(insert template) whose fields are bound to a
datagrid that is connects to an MS SQL Server 2005 database. One of
the options on the form is to allow user to upload a photo. I want to
store just the photo name in the db. To accommodate this there's a
link to a "Photo Upload" page that pops a window with a fileupload
control. I am using the filename property of the fileupload control to
store the photo's name as a public string var. This is all working
pretty well, but here's my problem:

How do I assign the textfield that is bound to the photo's name that
string var so that once the fileupload is complete the name of the
photo is automatically filled in?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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