GridView Hide empty row (vb)




I have read several resources on the internet and MSFT newsgroups on how to
insert data using the footer in the datagrid control.

To solve the empty data set problem, I added a blank row in the datasource
select statement, using the union command to create the additional blank row,
making the footer visible.

My last step is where I am stuck. I need to hide that "blank row" that I
I have read examples using, but i'm using with VB not c#.

I have also read references to using the detailsGrid in the
"emptydatatemplate" and binding to the same datasource. I don't believe this
would work for me because I would want the inserted fields to be in the same
format, not the "two column" format of the details grid. (Though I admit the
details grid may have more formating capablities than I know).

Thanks for your help in advance!


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