Hello and Help please :-)

Jul 16, 2022
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Hi guys
Great to be here! Joined to try and tap into the collective wisdom of established coders.
I’m totally new to coding BUT i want to make my day job a lot easier by making my own software (or preferably use existing software) to help me write reports. These are text reports (ie words not diagrams) based on assessments that I undertake at work. My motive? To create more time at work by reducing how long it takes to write reports. What I envision is a main interface with a check list and each time I tick a box, a specific bit of text (a paragraph) is pasted into a word document (or text document of some description). Cumulatively, multiple ticked boxes and the associate text make up the report. But there would also need to be certain tweaks for example the pasted text will name person who is being assessed (eg Mr X has been identified as preferring blue socks) when I tick the blue socks box on the interface.
There would also be space between each paragraph for a bit of free text in case I want to manually type something to expand on a specific point or better personalise the assessment.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Many thanks

Jul 17, 2022
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Hi Anna,
You may use a web program (if you need it on computer) using JavaScript html and css if needed, and use it locally, you just need js code to write/append to file, and html form to get all the information for individual person together (with submit). I am working on web development nowadays. I would like to help you if you want to do it.

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