HELP: ASP.NET AJAX Page Continuously Getting Values from Web Servi




I’m having trouble getting my head around a possible solution for my project
– an ASP.NET AJAX page that continuously (once a second) calls a web service
to get new values and display the values on the page, all this happening on
some sort of timer that fires every second. We only want the user to
navigate to the page and have the page start getting and updating values; we
don’t want the user to have to click any buttons to get the new values.

I don’t have any specific code questions but more of a conceptual view of
how this can be made to work. Or, maybe it’s not even possible. So, I’ll
try to describe a little more of what I’m looking to do and, hopefully, get
some suggestions of where to start and what to study and try. Finally, let
me start off by saying that I understand ASP.NET (classic postback model and
a little ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel stuff), but I’m a newbie to web services,
WCF, and how to have an ASP.NET AJAX page call these services.

We would like to have an ASP.NET AJAX-enable page that contains, let say, 50
labels. And, when the user navigates to the page, the page automatically
starts getting data to display in each of the 50 labels. On a timer, the
page calls a web service or wcf service or ? to get 50 new values and update
the label values. Each of these 50 pieces of data are independent (could be
a DB value, could be some calculated value, etc.), so it would be ideal if
each of the labels could be updated with a new value independent of the other
labels. Basically, it’s kind of a “real-time†display where 50 different
controls on the page call/request a new value from a web or wcf service, all
this using AJAX technologies for asynchronous operations and partial page

I thought I maybe could make some sort of prototype work where my page would
call a web method 50 times (or 50 different web methods) to just get a simple
random number; these calls, of course, occurred every second. Things seems
to be working for about a minute, then it would crash with a socket exception
(something about using all the available sockets). And, everything I tried
after that also had problems—either the socket exception or something else.

Anyway, if anyone can help me understand what’s going on, how to architect
such a system, what technologies to use, where to look for more information,
etc., I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.


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