Help with Apache 2.0.47 and CGI

Discussion in 'Python' started by Fausto Arinos de A. Barbuto, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Hi All;

    I have Apache 2.0.47 installed for a single user on port 8080, Python
    2.3.2 on C:\Python23 and ActiveState's Perl on C:\Perl. Everything seems
    to work fine after the changes I made in httpd.conf, but I can't for some
    reason run Python scripts that sit on this computer's cgi-bin directory
    scripts run ok). The message I get in either IE 6 and Netscape 7.1 is
    "Internal Server Error". Have any of you had similar experience?

    Another peculiar thing is that Perl scripts run OK in Netscape 7.1,
    although IE 6 tries to *download* .pl files instead of running them -- as if
    I were ftp-ing a file from some web site. Any clues?

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Fausto Arinos de A. Barbuto, Nov 10, 2003
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  2. Fausto Arinos de A. Barbuto asks

    LoadModule python_module libexec/
    SetHandler python-program
    PythonHandler mod_python.cgihandler

    But there was also a problem reported with 2.3:$

    Emile van Sebille, Nov 10, 2003
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  3. Thank you very much Emile -- it is not working yet, although I have
    already downloaded and installed mod_python. Apache says it can't
    find the module even though the bloody little thing is
    right there where it should be, in C:\Apache Group\Apache2\modules.
    It seems that Python 2.3.2 is the bad guy here. A friend of mine has
    Apache 2.0.47 + Python 2.2 and everything works like a charm on his

    I guess I'm on the right track now. Many thanks.

    Fausto Arinos de A. Barbuto, Nov 10, 2003
  4. Hallo, Fausto,

    You might make sure there's an entry like this:

    AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .py .pl

    in either httpd.conf or an .htaccess file for your cgi-bin directory. (Or
    use .pyw instead of .py if your programs are like that. ) You should find a
    similar entry somewhere for .pl or .cgi files, so just add it there.

    I've never used apache on windows, but that's necessary on linux/solaris.

    As for the 500 error, you might try to run the files from the command-line
    as well, to make sure they aren't crashing and sending tracebacks before
    returning to the cgi-handler.

    Make sure python's in your path, of course.

    If all else fails, add the following line to the import section of your
    python cgi scripts:

    import cgitb; cgitb.enable()

    This can be helpful in debugging, as tracebacks get sent correctly to the
    cgi-handler instead of bombing out to stderr, causing an "incomplete
    headers" 500 error.

    Hope something there helps!

    Eric Williams, Nov 10, 2003
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