Help with SQLite3-ruby, please


Andy Me

Hello everybody! I'm Andy and I have a BIG and nasty problem with
SQLite-ruby module and I hope for some help here. The main problem is
that I am forced to use RUBY 1.8.0, because I'm building a plugin for
SketchUp (which uses Ruby 1.8.0 and no way to update it).
As gems can not be installed under Sketchup, i made a trick: installed
sqlite3-ruby gem under standard ruby and I toke all files with their
dependences. I am not 100% sure that I toke everything was needed and
those files are the right ones.I downloaded slqite3.dll version 6.16 and
tried to make things work. Well... somehow it works, but it gives me
I am forced to make to requests in my ruby file:
require 'sqlite3.rb' -this should normally be
require 'sqlite3.dll' -i think this should load from ruby extension when
it searches for driver, but if I don't ask for it, it raise this error:
"no driver for sqlite3 found".
If i make both requests, on first run, I recieve an other error: "The
specified procedure could not be found. - Init_sqlite3", but, when I
run it second time, it works!
I do not understand what is going on here.

Please help! I need a working SQLite3-ruby module, for RUBY 1.8.0, which
contains all dependences and can be used under SketchUp. And I do not
know what version sqlite3.dll to search.
Thank you.

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