How to authenticate against the Active Directory using forms authentication with password expiration


Ruggiero, Vince

Hello everyone. Please help!

I am new to the .NET web application development. I have used the code from
the link below to create a basic login page in front of the Microsoft Live
Single Sing On.

I managed to combine the two together (LiveSSO w/ Forms Authentication)
turning off the Integrated Authentication in IIS from the SSO setup. All
works as expected if the user successfully authenticates with AD.

THE PROBLEM that I am having is that when the user failes to authenticate it
only returns: "Error authenticating user. Logon failure: unknown user name
or bad password". This message appears also when the user is set to change
the password at next logon. What I want it to do is to read the error code
of exactly why it failed so I can setup a redirect to a password reset page
(i.e. if error is "User flag is set to change pswd" etc.etc.)

From the page linked above you can see the VB code of LdapAuthentication.vb
which does the trick of authenticating the accounts or returning the error
message if the login fails.

The part that returns the "Error authenticating user. Logon failure: unknown
user name or bad password." Is handled by this subroutine:

1.Catch ex As Exception
2.Throw New Exception("Error authenticating user. " & ex.Message)
3.End Try
That's what I have been trying to customize to see how it can return a
specific code based on the user account AD flags, instead of the generic

Does anyone have any clue or idea how I can accomplish that? Any help would
be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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