Login Control form authentication to Active Directory (AD)


Harry Clendening


We have a form designed using Visual Web Developer (VWD) 2008 (Express
Edition), which utilizes the Login control.

The form works fine when launched via VWD 2008. That is, when typing in the
credentials (username & password) at the Login.aspx form, the account is
successfully authenticated against AD, and the user is directed to the
Default.aspx page.

However, when we launch the site via IIS 7.0 the authentication against AD
does not work. If we type in the "correct" credentials, the Login.aspx page
simply re-displays (with no error message).

This leads me to believe we are missing a setting under IIS (since the login
works fine via VWD). I have tried "Enabling" all of the IIS Authentication
types for the site, though; still no luck.

Has anyone encountered this issue before, or have any suggestions as to what
may be the cause?



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