How to convert Infix notation to postfix notation

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by Tameem, Oct 26, 2009.

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    In fact, an implementation theoretically could provide a header
    <STDIO.H> that's distinct from <stdio.h>. (Perhaps it provides all
    the same declarations, but all input and output is quietly mapped
    to upper case.) It would be perverse, but conforming.
    Keith Thompson, Nov 16, 2009
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  2. I think there is reason to be concerned about Dicky's clique membership.

    When they start making baby errors like this, you begin to worry that
    they may be going the way of CBF...

    And what a crying, bleeding shame that would be for poor Dicky.
    Kenny McCormack, Nov 16, 2009
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  3. Tameem

    Walter Banks Guest

    I just grepped all of the electronic SC22/WG14 N documents. They
    cover the period Sept 1996 to date. Mr. Schildt's name appears 3 times
    N649 Feb 97,N805 Feb 98, and N880 May 99 All of them in
    annual reports as a member of J11.

    There is nothing I can find that indicates he participated in SC22/WG14
    He may have attended but there in nothing in papers attributed to

    The defect report dr_159 mentions The Annotated ANSI C
    Standard by Herbert Schildt by name of the use and interpretation
    of ISO materials.

    Walter Banks, Nov 16, 2009
  4. Tameem

    Walter Banks Guest

    Membership in J11 is a long way from participating in WG14.
    Walter Banks, Nov 16, 2009
  5. Tameem

    John Kelly Guest

    If the lunatics take over the asylum ...
    John Kelly, Nov 16, 2009
  6. Tameem

    Seebs Guest

    And although that hotel was way too expensive, it was indubitably posh.

    Seebs, Nov 16, 2009
  7. No, I have no knowledge beyond what is in public files. I presume the
    membership list is of people who have signed up to get papers and such
    when they are circulated.
    Ben Bacarisse, Nov 17, 2009
  8. Tameem

    Seebs Guest


    FWIW, I've not yet heard of anyone claiming that Schildt has ever
    participated on the committee in any way, except that presumably he paid

    BTW, I now have my 4th edition TCR, and as expected, he's "fixed" several
    of the bugs reported on my page (at least once poorly, and at least once
    by simply dropping the example), but there's still plenty left.

    Seebs, Nov 17, 2009
  9. Tameem

    Seebs Guest


    FWIW, I've not yet heard of anyone claiming that Schildt has ever
    participated on the committee in any way, except that presumably he paid

    BTW, I now have my 4th edition TCR, and as expected, he's "fixed" several
    of the bugs reported on my page (at least once poorly, and at least once
    by simply dropping the example), but there's still plenty left.

    Seebs, Nov 17, 2009
  10. Tameem

    John Kelly Guest

    The problem with programming employment is, it's a job that appeals to
    lazy people, and many want it. With more applicants than jobs, someone
    has to lose. Perhaps even those with outstanding skills.

    Without a programming job, I may still code for the joy of it. You may
    even find joy overcoming the deficiencies of a language. It's a puzzle
    to be solved.

    I've established that writing UNIX C code, giving it away with an Apache
    license, and talking about it here, perturbs Seebach and Heathfield much
    more profoundly than any argument or criticism. I've shown you the way.

    John Kelly, Nov 17, 2009
  11. Tameem

    Seebs Guest

    This is an overgeneralization -- there's more jobs than people at the
    outstanding skills level.
    Won't do you much good, Spinny's only interested in Windows C code. :p

    Actually, though, what perturbs me isn't the code per se; it's the spam
    and the lies. If you wanted to actually talk about C code, as opposed to
    talking about Unix interfaces, that'd be fine, and it'd be interesting.

    Of course, thanks to the untreated NPD, you perceive any assertion that
    the code isn't the ideal Platonic form of an excellent program as a personal
    attack. And there is the minor thing that you latch on to any criticism,
    however blatantly insane, of people who have criticized you, and endorse
    it. That does sort of undermine things.

    Seebs, Nov 17, 2009
  12. Tameem

    spinoza1111 Guest

    I'd rather use C Sharp, but I agree: creation is the thing. But I
    won't post C Sharp here except for comparision purposes. I shall use
    the Microsoft.public.dotnet group for purely C Sharp issues.
    spinoza1111, Nov 17, 2009
  13. Tameem

    spinoza1111 Guest

    You've never made a full accounting of these "bugs", and we keep on
    discovering that they're not bugs. Talking about "the stack" isn't a
    bug: it has been a way to explain, understand and to implement runtime
    since the early days: cf. Michael L Scott's Programming Language
    Pragmatics and countless other references. Nor is talking about twos-
    complement a bug in connection with C: the C programmer has to know
    what negative numbers will look like in debug output. Calling an 8 bit
    value "ASCII" is not a bug, because 7 bit ascii is mostly stored in 8
    bit units and the C programmer needs to know this.

    It is folly to want to code in a completely portable way in C by
    following the standard, for C is sufficiently low level that it is
    malpractice to expect your code to run on a random new platform
    without a line by line review and careful testing. C is designed to be
    "close to the machine" and this entails its specific behavior depends
    upon the machine.

    Heading a chapter "static global variables" is at worst an error in
    the text and not a "bug".

    To say "this shorthand [combined assignment and arithmetic] works for
    all binary operators" when the author's local meaning is clear from
    context to be "the binary arithmetic operators" is to be an ignorant
    smartassed punk, and like talking about the stack, it's not a bug:
    it's not even a mistake in the text because a commonly accepted
    meaning of "binary operator" in a textual section covering the two-
    operand arithmetic ops is the two-operand arithmetic ops.

    Most of the about 20 errors identified as "currently known" in CTCN
    (where "currently known" directly contradicts your claims of hundreds
    and that there's a drinking game in the book, and means you're lying)
    are in fact not bugs at all.

    The fun is in fact shooting down your examples.
    spinoza1111, Nov 17, 2009
  14. Tameem

    spinoza1111 Guest

    We already know he was but did not participate. I believe he took a
    look at what was going down and decided that it was a waste of spirit
    in an expense of shame.
    spinoza1111, Nov 17, 2009
  15. And in my (much smaller and unsystematic) experience, mail spam that
    is not dated correctly (or incorrectly in the same ways that happen to
    legit traffic, such as clock skew or wrong timezone rules) is usually
    *pre*dated one to several years in the past, possibly in an attempt to
    sort first when sorted in origination order (as I do), but quite
    possibly just incompetent spam tools or use.

    OTOH, I have seen quite a lot of HTTP cookies, and a few but not many
    HTTP cacheable bodies, set to expire near y2038. But not modified
    then. (Due to the sort of mixup above, I once got some bodies
    purportedly created several hours in the future, but expired already!)
    David Thompson, Nov 19, 2009
  16. Tameem

    Chad Guest

    What are the requirements to get on such a committee? I'm just curious
    because this guy I know ,who is credited with creating one of the very
    first web spiders when he was 13, told me that he was only a member of
    the "Apache Committee" during his freshman year at MIT. Ie, he never
    could get on the actual committee itself. He eventually lost interest,
    started a wireless networking company that hold several patents
    related to wireless networking, and then sold this company to Google.
    Chad, Nov 19, 2009
  17. Tameem

    Seebs Guest

    For the ANSI committee? Send them a check. Seriously, that's basically
    it. I got curious, decided to start going to meetings. Sent check, got
    membership, started attending meetings. There's no approval, there's no
    non-approval, and so on.

    ISO, I think it's just company national bodies (ANSI for the US, etc.),
    and it's whatever the country does.
    Which committee? Apache is not an international standard (at least, not in
    the sense of being formalized by ISO), so their policies and setup might
    be very different.

    Seebs, Nov 19, 2009
  18. Tameem

    Chad Guest

    I have no idea which committee. Actually, I'm kind of scared to ask
    him because I know he will give me this crazy explanation. In other
    words, it would be like some comp.lang.c responses. I would end up
    having to re-read it a few times before I could make heads or tails
    out of the actual response.
    Chad, Nov 20, 2009
  19. Tameem

    spinoza1111 Guest

    Wow. No need to have a real programming job or take any computer
    science classes; just write a check; by your own admission,

    (1) You have never taken a computer science class
    (2) Your job, while it involves the creation of "tools" for the guys
    at the office, is officially some sort of bug sender onner
    (3) You are under medication for learning and attention disorders

    and yet, you think it's perfectly fine to enable a campaign of
    personal destruction against a man

    (1) With a Master's degree in computer science from the Univ of
    (2) Who worked as a real programmer while you were watching Scooby Doo
    (3) Who implemented a compiler for C
    (4) Who wrote a large if flawed book (and several others thereafter)
    (5) Who mastered C on a platform which makes it more difficult to do

    You bought the authority which appears on the Schildt bio on wikipedia
    where you are quoted. And you maintain it not by any accomplishment
    until recently (when you co-authored and then wrote a book) but by
    constantly labeling your colleaugues incompetent and crazy.

    I am willing to concede that a person doesn't need formal academic
    qualifications to speak with authority on cs matters and that today,
    it's still somewhat possible to be a reasonably learned autodidact. I
    myself had to leave the DePaul MSCS program because of family
    responsibilities after earning straight As and one B (in a compiler
    class ironically) and of course, it is trivially true that the men who
    invented compsci did not major in compsci.

    But this should not authorize an autistic twerp to enable campaigns of
    personal destruction.

    Herb worked hard as did any number of McGraw-Hill editors and
    technical reviewers (whose reputations you also mindlessly trash).
    Kathy Sierra, the target of a similarly infantile attack, also worked
    hard. I worked 24/7 on my book.

    Under capitalism, I fully understand, this labor is so expropriated
    that the "hard working programmer" can be at-will a figure of fun as
    people like you ape the worst of the leisure class in finding fault
    with the performance of tasks you haven't accomplished and cannot do.

    But under a labor theory value which is by no means restricted to Marx
    or Marxist economics, the producer has rights to his intended meaning
    which in "C: The Complete Nonsense" you disregarded.
    spinoza1111, Nov 22, 2009
  20. I didn't know there *was* a mediacation for autism. Are you confusing
    it with Attention Deficit Disorder?

    a toy compiler for C
    what Windows? In what way is it harder to learn C on Windows than
    anything else? Ah I remmember those memory models... What is a HUGE
    pointer anyway? Modern Windows machines are fine. If you want to write
    unportable crap you can write it on any platform.

    Nick Keighley, Nov 25, 2009
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