How to send email with no outlook and SMTP server ?


Dee Earley

Well, you know, other than maybe inserting a Received header....

Sorry, I meant the content, not headers :)

Dee Earley ([email protected])
i-Catcher Development Team

iCode Systems

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Karl E. Peterson

H-Man said:
Some of the ways I've gotten around this;
1) simply change the extension to something like .ABC. In the body of the
email the recipient is instructed to rename the file back to .EXE.
2) send in a packed format ie. .ZIP or .7z or something like that.
3) password protect the packed file. sometimes this will go through if
their email AV finds a false positive.

Lots of servers look into ZIPs (passworded or not) for EXEs (and other
executable extensions) now, and filter based strictly on that. I've
associated the XIP extension on my machine to operate identically to
ZIP, and this eases that pain for me just a bit as I routinely need to
send/recieve zipped executables. :)

Michel Posseth [MCP]

Helmut Meukel said:
I gave up trying to understand what happens in the heads of IT admins.
Just yesterday I sent an update of my app to my customer - appended to an
email. This time I sent it to his private email address, not his company
Last time I had to send it twice, the exe was stripped from my email and
hours trying to get it released from the IT he phoned me to send it to his
email account. There he _could_ download the exe to his company PC!
Funny how they have secured their company net, isn't it?



I know exactly what you are dealing with , even zipping the file and deploy
it as an archive gets the file stripped from it here at my company
that is why i favor Winrar as my favorite archive tool ( for some weird
reason the RAR extension seems to be more safe ? ;-) )
also a good trick is to just rename foo.dll or foo.exe to foo.dl_ or
foo.ex_ with instructions for the receiver to rename the file in the mail



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