hypothetical question concerning code maintenance--

Discussion in 'Java' started by JTMOBAP, Apr 7, 2005.


    JTMOBAP Guest

    This is just a hypothetical question..

    Let's say I did a contract project that took 3 - 6 months to develop.,,
    and later, the company asked me to do code maintenance on it.

    Generally, on average, or in what range of time would it take to complete
    the maintenance project for that company?
    JTMOBAP, Apr 7, 2005
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    Hikikomori Guest

    Not sure if I understand you idea of a maintenance project correctly,
    but my company does maintenance like it's a kind of software warrantly.
    Meaning that for the duration of the maintenance project, the company
    will be in charge of fixing things that don't work according to
    specification. Since it is essentially a form of warrantly, the
    duration is then made arbitary and the company charges the client for
    each year of maintenance required.
    Hikikomori, Apr 7, 2005
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    Virgil Green Guest

    Seven years.
    Virgil Green, Apr 7, 2005

    Oscar kind Guest

    That depends on a number of factors:
    - the quality of the original code,
    - the amount of changes the customer wants (if applicable)
    - the type of maintenance (support, enhancements, both)
    - the length of the maintenance contract

    Also note that maintenance contracts are specified in durations, not in
    time spent. If the original job was done well, maintenance is just a form
    of support.

    For support of a well-written program that completely satisfies the
    customer, and also runs in a stable environment, the amount of time spent is
    neglegible (easy money). This of course, is a dream.

    But if a slightly unstable system is all you're dealing with, an quarter
    of an hour or so a week is all that's needed.

    Bug fixing and enhancements can increase the time to 4 to 40 hours a week,
    mostly depending on the amount of changes required and the quality of the
    Oscar kind, Apr 7, 2005
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