i=infinity;0= i*sin k*pi, 1=cos k*pi, k=m/n, n=4,m=0-00; c*G=20=const, 1/sgrt2>G>0.5, 6<N = NA ^2su



Please give me a direction - am I totally lost in my own world and have
spent 6 months in vain trying to figure this out, or is there a fruit
of truth hidden somewhere?
Excuse me for rapid end of some sentences and chaotic appearance of
equations- i am just tired. I have spent 1 month practically thinking
only about 1 thing. I need some rest and support. On other hand, this
chaotically ordered text is good as it will cause confusion and will
stretch imagination:)

Approximately 50% of the following text is obviously right
37,5%-is subjective
<12,5%- optional

Approximately 50% of people after reading this will remain introvert,
practical, rational and structured and maintain order
37,5% - wil get Extravert, Innovative and Passionate and create chaos
<12,5% will be totally lost

This is the right day share it.
I devote it to may father who died at the age of 32
My mother who never betrayed me
My wife whose sacrifices made a man of me
Everyone who interacted with me in any way on my way

I feel a little nervous before pressing SEND.

Relativistic Intuitive theory of organisms

Motto: "Everything is RELATIVE but WE have to know relative to WHAT to
BE ABLE to make such CHOICE at each JUNCTION of our road which on
AVERAGE leads to infinite PROGRESS"

All organisms are conceived, born, grow, mature, eat, give used food
back, die. Most organisms have sex.

I must apologize for my first e-mail. I also appologize if someone did
not get it. Mess in unimportant details is normal for me, but playing
riddles without having stated my case clearly is definitely not a good
style. I am sincerely trying to do better this time. But if I will get
carried away ( usually I do,) amid ordered parts there will be messy
ones - living on the edge of chaos, I am. 1- chaos-2 idea-3-more
chaos- 4more ideas -5 chaos-6 more ideas divergent . I hope the end
never comes.
So let us organize this mail differently. As it will be much longer, I
will begin with nice formulas to put some flesh on bones.

1) Formulas and why do we get them:

I belive that:

1) Simple rules create development and life
2) Complex rules create order
3) No rules create chaos

I wonder if formulas below are simple enough to fit Nr. 1

This is probably the most valuable knowledge humankind has received
ever; We could of course switch to another gear,increase affluence
making the point to waste as much resources as we can in as short time
as possible, make new wonderfull weapons, oppress the weak even more,
kill each other at higher rate.

More formulas at paragraph 6.

But I am more worried about the fact we are given the chance to
understand these things now. Why??? Usually there is a cost attached.

2)Is there a catch ? I think there is:

The Organism clocks are ticking; big wheels turning middle, middle
sized turning smaller weels. Over the last 100 000 years or so ( look
at Vostok picture) we have got out of sync with the Universe ( or sun?)
a little bit. Now Universe got angry at this nuisance and is preparing
to synhronize us by force ; the energy for that is being accumulated in
Earth crust since Atlantis and other ancient lands went under water.
As Mr.Strogatz can probably explain, as we are in the middle of the
mechanism, have been out of sync, the power of Universe can force us to
adjust with a BANG - a slip/stick event which will probably will kill
most of us.

When will it happen? I look at Vostok data and do not fell very nice,
but let me say I do not know exactly yet.Maybe we should look into
stars for answer, but be very careful to make absolutely correct
calculations. It will not be going under water as Atlantis- it was
previous forced synchronization. Probably Earthquake. Let us figure
this out asap.

Any chance to do something? - Definitely. A must. As any bifurcation
event, it will hopefully give us a choice- if it is not too late.
The trick is , we are in the middle of big and small wheel,trying to
synchronize them. It we know what to do, we could synchronize the small
cells, down to last electorn or quark or whatever is there so that we
are running in pefect sync with them; Then our force to withstand
Universe forced adjustments will be tremendous, as big wheel can never
turn many small wheels with friction fast if they are in sync- the
stored energy could be dissipated slowly, without catastrophes. Now the
energy has been stored already- so we have to look how can we release
it smoothly without catastrophe.

In effect we have to find and manage a perfect sync with both small
organisms below us and big ones above us. It required only knowledge
what to play and rhytm - when to play. So we will be living like
playing music, quite reasonable life given other options and the
immensity of the problem facing us. Though it will be tighter then it
The problem is the comoplexity of stuff we have to synchronize with.

On other hand, they ar numerable. And if numerable, than, in principle,
steerable at least to stay within the right thorus attractor.
"I will enumber everything" - said Kanada in ancient India. Somehow
that was not enough than , should be better now.

Let us begin.

It is actually not so bad to be pendullum in a mechanism. The
synhronization points are discrete, so You do not have to work like a
machine, deterministically, as a slave of Universe. On the contrary,
You can have fun in between, just be ready to kick the at the so
important right moment with right force in the right direction-make the
informed choice. Then You can relax again. Alertness to important
things and relaxation. Do not touch other people pendulums without
need.You do not know all their rhytms.

Do we have a chance - of course. We have a rich chance to stretch
ourselves in order to develop new forms of life as environment gets
tighter. We have Internet which allows very fast synchronization across
humanity.We should develop our undestanding of mathematics and
computional power . We have chaos theory which probably is the most
important development. We must have 50% of things understood exactly,
37,5% left to feelings, and 12,5% left to gods. (variants).

Look at water in the heated kettle- at first when temperature
difference is increased, it get chaotic from ordered; Than it finds new
order; If temperature is increased again - again chaos; If again-
higher level order, every time via a chaos phase; now if it would
succeed to balance the forcing by temperature by acting back on it
within certain speed range , it would use it as a source of energy for
ever increasing complexity without getting chaotic.

3) The role of life and humans in Universe -v1.

As obvious from previous paragraph, we are in the middle. From on sense
it is an honorous position- watchman of Universe, from other - it is so
difficult to please both big and small wheels - If we relax and our
cells feel happy, after 13 000 years catastrophe comes and kills
humanity. It we are too tight and controlled, out own cells can not
manage, and we die as individuals. Again, balance and development is
the answer, absolutization of anything on global scale (=ORDER) or
individually (=CHAOS) is just 2 types of the DEATH. If we absolutize
Universe ( global order) our cells punish us and we die. IF we
absolutize ourselves and our small cells inside (Chaos) , Universe
figures this out with some delay and kills all of us.

Living on the Edge of Chaos - between chaos and order. Why not? Looks
like alpine skiing - is not it enjoyable to stay on track while
discovering new slopes in high speed? But not too high speed, otherwise
death will meet us in the trees (chaos) . And not too slow on a studies
slope where we have been skiign last 30years. God forbids something
changes!! Death from stagnation and boredom once we will achieve
perfection.No fun. No ;earning and no new skills. Old skills deterioate
as we get older and less more complacent. Then suddenly there is a
change in the track - someone has digged and abys in the middle. We
would not notice it, nor know how to avoid it. Death from inability to
adapt. Why were we skiing in first place?

4) Importance of sex - I should have started with this

Warning: these might be simplifications, not at all tested!
Interactions between levels important!
This paragraph is not here to state a position. This paragraph is here
because Nature is made from complementary and challenging at the same
time pairs of opposite sexes on ALL levels of organisms- starting from
atoms and electrons, via human .Each sex and a pair moves through
cycles of bifurcations on a time line.
However, there is 8th element which has no sex expressed , but is as
necessary as 4 Female elements and 3 Male elements.

It is important to have correct proportions in each organism:

4 woman elements (50%) (consists of a 2 pairs of 2 elements each, Each
of 2 pairs separately have notification ^ and v . ^ and v have
opposite signs + and -. Notification as X.
3 man elements (37,5%) (triangle) - or >- ; Y; they have no sign,but
have orientation
1 asexual element (12,5%) (Circle) or O ;

Of course this has found reflection in , or actually is the reflection
of mathematics:
basic Numbers 0-5 + i represent the basic 1 st level organism of any
type ( elementary particle, chemical, biological, human, social,
intellectual, blackhole, planetary, galactic, Universe etc.; Further
numbers represent higher level organisms of that type.

4 Pair - female =( i*sin(k*pi) ,2);(i*sin (k*pi,4) = 50% - quartanion
3 Odd ( male) = cos k*pi,3,7 = 37,5% Real number
1 bisexual balancing element=Force =1+e^( i*k*pi) = cos (k* pi)+ i
sin ( k*pi) -12,5%- complex number

i^2* sin^2 ( k*pi) + i2sin ( k*pi) + i4sin (k*pi) + 8
By definition:
1= Re It= cos(k*pi)
0=Im It = isin(k*pi)
K= ( 1/N; 1; N); number of N depends on complexity of organism.

Size Product Female = 1*2*3*4 =32
Size Prodcut Male = 1*3*7=21
Size Product Force = 1*1=1
Size Female/Size Male = 32/21=2^5/3*7
Size Female/Size Force=32=2^5
Size Male/Size Force=21=3*7

Pure organisms an their combinations ( pure is not the same as good!) .
Everyone is equally important.

Product Female = ( i*sin(k*pi) ,2)*(i*sin (k*pi,4) = (i^2* sin^2 (
k*pi) + i2sin ( k*pi) + i4sin (k*pi) + 8 )= quarterion, 8 denotes
potential to give birth,

Product Male = cos(k*pi) , 3, 7) = Cos (k*pi) *3 + 7+ 21cos(k*pi)=

Product organism Male*Female =(cos (k*pi) , 3, 7)* (i*sin(k*pi), 2)
*(i*sin(k*pi),4) = 12 plet
Product Female*Male = (i*sin(k*pi), 2) *(i*sin(k*pi),4) *(cos (k*pi) ,
3, 7) = 12 plet
Product organism Male*Force *Female= (cos (k*pi),3, 7)*(1, i) *
(i*sin(k*pi), 2) *(i*sin(k*pi),4) * =16 triplet

It is NOT ALLOWED to join similar terms as products tend to be non

Product Organism Female*Force = ( i*sin(k*pi) ,2)*(i*sin (k*pi),4) *(1,
i) = ((i^2* sin^2 ( k*pi) + i2sin ( k*pi) + i4sin (k*pi) + 8 ))*(1,
i) =
((i^2* sin^2 ( k*pi) + i2sin ( k*pi) + i4sin (k*pi) + 8 +i^2* sin^2
( k*pi)*i + i2sin ( k*pi)*i + i4sin (k*pi)*i + 8*i )) = new organism

First 4 terms part is Female, second 4 terms part- baby inside Female.

Product Organism Male*Force=cos(k*pi) , 3, 7) (1,i) = (Cos (k*pi) *3 +
7+ 21cos(k*pi))* (1,i)= Cos (k*pi) *3 + 7+ 21cos(k*pi) +Cos (k*pi) *3
*i + 7i+ 21cos(k*pi)*i = sextuplet

Prodcut Organism Male*Force*Force= cos(k*pi) , 3, 7) (1,i) *(1,i) =
(Cos (k*pi) *3 + 7cos(k*pi)+ 21)* (1+i+i-1)= 12 plet-what is this?

Product Organism Force*Force= (1,i) (1,i)= 1+i+i-1.
Product organism Force*Force*Force =(1,i) (1,i) (1,i)
Product organism Force*Force*Force*Force =(1,i) (1,i) (1,i)(1,i)

Product organism Male*Male = (cos(k*pi),3,7) *( cos(k*pi,3,7) =

Product organism Male*Force*Male= (cos(k*pi),3,7) *(1,i) *(
cos(k*pi,3,7) = octanion associative

Product Organism Female*Female= ( i*sin(k*pi) ,2)*(i*sin (k*pi),4) *(
i*sin(k*pi) ,2)*(i*sin (k*pi),4) =

Product Organism Female*Force *Female= ( i*sin(k*pi) ,2)*(i*sin
(k*pi),4) *(1, i)* ( i*sin(k*pi) ,2)*(i*sin (k*pi),4) =

Product Male*Male*Female*Force*Force =?
Product Female*Female*Male*Force*Force=?

The force acts as synhronizing , balancing and creative element between
male and female.
Normal nonassociative octanions lead to irreversibility in time and

Well, You can play yourself with these equations.Some equations will be
symmtric, some, because of noncommucativity will lead to left and right
solutions, some, because of non-asociativity - to forward/backward.

Now this Force part IT is a linking element between man and Woman, so
it has to be present in both. It is called It. It was lonely, so it
turned in the rotating circle - as a serpent trying to eat his tail.
It represents the balancing interaction between Order - woman and chaos
- man . It connects them and via It the forces of Order and chaos are
balanced to create Life.
Examples of it are love, light, gravitation, fractals etc.
If these proportions are not maintained, life is not as it should be.
Look at Woman, Man and Light ancient anagrams and wonder- the element
uniting them is circle or love. By the way, this asexual element has
man as origin ( Reminds me of a bible)

Initially man was the same as woman, X X. This represents conception,
before sex of the new organism is decided.3 Man parts Y, 4 woman X and
1 love O forms an XX which has no sex, but has a seed and potential to
be either man or woman and live.

Sex of organism is decided at bifurcation point after some
predetermined period ( These development stages are true for all
organisms).Once it is decided, growth begins of a new organism. Which
dies when baby enters the world on it own ( another bifurcation,
determined by the filling of phase space of embryo/placenta pair so
there is no other choice- 1 has to die (placenta) so that other can
live- Baby. )

0 has infinity potential dimensions all of whom has potential to
materialize -it encompasses the beginning of everything;when used in
calculating products of organisms, 0^(infinity) =1 as is 0^0=1

But i=sgrt(-1) so 0 = -1^(1/2)*sin (k*pi)

i= sqrt ( -1) = oo ( infinity).

None of these is better or worse than any of others.

I assume these proportions are necessary to ensure balance and

Sexes arise because of Mathematics. Mathematics are absolute, what can
I do about it?Just try to interpret.

Let us look at next numbers:
Generation 2 organism:

4 Pair - female =( i*sin(k*pi) ,6);(i*sin (k*pi,8) = 50% - quartanion
3 Odd ( male) = cos k*pi,9,11 = 37,5% Real number
1 bisexual balancing element=Force =2e^( i*k*pi) = 2cos (k* pi)+ 2i
sin ( k*pi) -12,5%- complex number

11,21,31,41,51,61,71 is the link between previous generation and next.
81 =9^2 is not. Here somothing new happens.
After 7 generations, something qualitatively new happens with any

Generation 3 organism:

4 Pair - female =( i*sin(k*pi) ,12);(i*sin (k*pi,14) = 50% - quartanion

3 Odd ( male) = cos k*pi,13,17 = 37,5% Real number
1 bisexual balancing element=Force =3e^( i*k*pi) = 3cos (k* pi)+ 3i
sin ( k*pi) -12,5%- complex number

Generation 4 organism:

4 Pair - female =( i*sin(k*pi) ,16);(i*sin (k*pi,18) = 50% - quartanion

3 Odd ( male) = cos k*pi,19,21 = 37,5% Real number
1 bisexual balancing element=Force =4e^( i*k*pi) = 4cos (k* pi)+ 4i
sin ( k*pi) -12,5%- complex number

Generation 5 organism:

4 Pair - female =( i*sin(k*pi) ,22);(i*sin (k*pi,24) = 50% - quartanion

3 Odd ( male) = (cos k*pi,23,27) = 37,5% Real number
1 bisexual balancing element=Force =5e^( i*k*pi) = 5cos (k* pi)+ 5i
sin ( k*pi) -12,5%- complex number

Generation 6 organism:

4 Pair - female =( i*sin(k*pi) ,26);(i*sin (k*pi,28) = 50% - quartanion

3 Odd ( male) = (cos k*pi,29,31) = 37,5% Real number
1 bisexual balancing element=Force =6e^( i*k*pi) = 6cos (k* pi)+ 6i
sin ( k*pi) -12,5%- complex number

Generation 7 organism:

4 Pair - female =( i*sin(k*pi) ,32);(i*sin (k*pi,34) = 50% - quartanion

3 Odd ( male) = (cos k*pi,33,37) = 37,5% Real number
1 bisexual balancing element=Force =7e^( i*k*pi) = 7cos (k* pi)+ 6i
sin ( k*pi) -12,5%- complex number

Here something strange happens,as 81 = 9^2. it looks like instead of
proceeding as normal generations, after 7 generations some new for of
organism appears which is related to generation 2:

Let us call it level 2 organism, generation 1:

4 Pair - female =( i*sin(k*pi) ,6);(i*sin (k*pi,8) = 50% - quartanion
3 Odd ( male) = cos k*pi,9,11 = 37,5% Real number
1 bisexual balancing element=Force =2e^( i*k*pi) = 2cos (k* pi)+ 2i
sin ( k*pi) -12,5%- complex number

Generation 8=2^3 organism has one more full dimension- 3 instead of 2
so that it starts to grow in 4th fractal dimension.what is the model?

Such an organism will have 16 parts:

2^3= 8 female organizes in 4 pairs of 2, each pair has (80, pair number
7 male ( 81, odd number 83, ...)
1 force (8+8i)

level 2 organism So generation 1

8 Pair - female =(80 i*sin(k*pi) ,102);(80i*sin (k*pi,)104) ...
7 Odd ( male) = (81cos k*pi,103, 105) = 37,5% Real number
1 bisexual balancing element=Force =2e^( i*k*pi) = 2cos (k* pi)+ 2i
sin ( k*pi) -12,5%- complex number

91 is reserved for organisms who did not develop into higher level and
and via 91 reaches 100 when they die.

This goes on happily until

The higher level the organism reaches, the HIGHER is importance of FREE
CHOICE, Proportionally Less importance of calculated options to be
looked AT.
Importance of order and EXPERIENCE remains 50%.

Approximating to infinity, it will be ORDER 50% + FREE CHOICE50%;no
predetermined calculated norms for future. REAL FREEDOM.

This sound nice. My feelings tell me it is correct. But is there
another catch?
Are we going there and how close are we?

A natural question is to calculate what organism 666 is? In any
organism type, be it atomic, particle, human, biological, mind, ideas
And what is 888? We hope 888 is good, is stronger than 666 and, as it
is closer to 1000 , 888 is the last in this generation. To beat him,
new generation of bad stuff has to develop ( and it will) but in any n
dimension there will be more of 8888888888888888 = n times 2^3 placed
side by side than than 66666666666666 in any level.

0 is a choice to be made about conception which encompasses all
possibilites - 2^0+1 possible choices yes/no
1 is a decision made to succed
2 is a decision point about the sex of organism - 2+1 possible choices
2^1+1 - male/female death of egg
3 is a decision made
4 a decision point where - 2^2+ 1 5 possible choices? Number of
childs of each sex - each sex has max 5 choices - 1,2,3,4, death of
egg so max number is 8
5 is a decision made about 4
6 is a choice made at junction before organism structure appears - to
go either RIGHT or LEFT; for each previous choices : How to turn the
spiral of organism minimal surfaces which will be finalized in next
stage. It is like spin of the person.
Both choices are honourable and necessary.
Basically it just a decision left handed-right handed , depends on
forces acting at embryo at this junction, just a bifurcation- as we get
right handed people probably close to 90% of cases; there is NOTHING
EVIL in it. Max 9 choices -2^3 +1 = 8 + death of embryo.

Interestingly, 6 choices of spin means there are 3 spin dimensions in
each organism possible where choice has to be made. Their different
combinations lead to one very unstable case when all 3 spins are
oriented in the same direction.

My guess is that although possible in calculations and therefore in
IMAGINATION, real environment does not offer this choice , really. We
have to check.

7 is a decision made about SPIN

8 is a decision made about structure of the result of previous 4
bifurcations. , rather 3 as in first one the choice no means there is
no one to analyize as conception did not happen. There are 2^4+1 = 16+
1 death of embryo to be made.

9 is a choice made about structure - composure - of the Organism, I
guess. I wonder what are bifurcation points in more complex organisms
like humans where brains as higher level organism evolves with its own
bifurcation sequence in paralel to body.

10 decision point : is a choice made before at last bifurcation - birth
- to go FORWARD or BACK ; there are 2^5+1 = 32+1 death ways to go - 16
more forward and 16 mor e backward ; I guess backward choices are not
good for mother, but luckily can be corrected as the factor which
decided on last bifurcation to go wrong is as natural as our decision
no to let mother die not more , and not less.

Now if Mother does not want to die (why should she?), she can decide to
make a choice to have the baby anyway.As she has this right, it is
natural to use it.
11 is a decision made about DIRECTION

By the way, Numbers also develop as an organism.

Integers, rational, transcendent Nr.

Integer number- Woman - 50%
Rational number - Man 37,5%
Fractal, transcendent? - bisexual 12,5%

Notations of Arabic numbers comes from what we see when 2 tail eating
serpents decide to multiply

1+i - serpent trying to eat his tail from a point far away
perpendicular to its plane
0 -serpent trying to eat his tail looked at it while sitting on its
ouside circle together with it and watching in direction of center= a
point = i sin ( k*pi)
1- serpent from side outside it in its plane - just 1 but rotating =
cos (k*pi)
i =OO infinity - serpent looked at while sitting in its center and
rotating together with it = const=i
2 - 2 serpents connected by force = in love
3- 2 connected intertwined open serpents = 2 serpents having sex;
If succesful conception, proceed to 4; if unsuccesful - return to 2.
4- 2 serpents perpendicular to each other + force = succesful
conception , no sex
5- open serpent receiving orientation via force
6- serpent connected to Mother but in perpendicular planes - a boy!
7 - serpents connected to Mother but perpendicular to the same plane- a
girl !
8- 2 interlocked serpents in the same plane: a new organism with the
same structure -a human!
9 - serpents connected but planes again perpendicular - embryo readying
to part with Mother
10 - 2 separate serpents in perpendicular planes = BIRTH

+ is two serpets perpenducular
- force - in chemistry bond
= is 2 paralel seprents - identity, in chemistry 2 bonds.

Arrow is 2 serpents in 90 degrees with force = direction

And so on.

In any bifurcation point develoment can take at least 3 directions, one
of them beeing death, the other 2 : Forward and Backward, or To the
right /to the left.
Some may have 5, 9,17,33etc directions: one is always Death,and

This bifurcations should be analyzed on complex plane, not as a linear
given sequence! Many interactions may change their timing and sequence.
They are just like self frequencies of an oscillator wich are never
realized 100% exactly because that would require perpetum mobile =
death anyway.

These following are not YEARS, it is just mathematical numbers to
reconstruct bifurcation sequences.Be very careful, ancient
interpretations of the same facts might be very wrong.I have a strong
feeling that reconstruction of these sequences as years is an
absolutization which, as any absolutiozation , is maximum true in 37,5%
of cases.
As BIRTH doesnot happen in Year 10. It just marks the end of first
generation , and the time is relative, determined by internal clock of
each organism. 10 is just the number of bifurcation, may be k=10.

Obviously man and woman has a phase shift and different order of
different life events. Again, the numbers means bifurcation points, 3
choices including death possible at each point: forward,backward, ot
death . On a complex plane, death is trajectory going to center.

Jung personality type is fully defined for the first time by choices
made after first big bifurcation. It can change.

Time of bifurcations may vary around these points quite significantly
depending on environment and genetic information.With enough forcing,
some of the smaller bifurcations may even not happen at all.

It is obvious that You get to level 3 organism only if You pass via
level 1 and 2 fully and reach the age and normal death what is level
3?May be there are shortcuts?

Elementary particles formed from electrons ( who is also an organism
consisting from 8 smaller parts) and as organism it may have an
opposite sex- positron with whom he forms pairs to give birth to

1st level or generation

Force - wave particle Electron = m+ m*e^( i*k*pi) - bisexual 12,5%
Re Electron = m=mass
Im Electron =Im e^( i*k*pi)= mcos k*pi+ mi*sin k*pi

4 parts in 2 pairs (m*i* sin k*pi, 2*m), (m*i sin (k*pi) 4 *m)
Particles without spin with mass - Female - 50%

3 Particles with spin with mass = (mcos (i*pi), 3m, 7m) - Male (37,5%)

Proton is quite complicated electron organism of order 2*7^2*19

This group constitutes 1 level of fundamental particle organism needed
to live and develop. On this level, proportions of 4,3 and 1 are almost
perfect as the organism they steer (universe) is very huge and smallest
mistake in porportions will lead to either death via order or death via
look at solution for interaction constant alpha at paragraph 6

2nd level or generation

Force - wave particle = 2m+ 2m*e^( i*k*pi) - bisexual 12,5%
Re Particle = 2m=mass
Im Particle =Im e^( i*k*pi)= 2mcos k*pi+ 2mi*sin k*pi

4 parts in 2 pairs (2m*i* sin k*pi, 6*m), (2m*i sin (k*pi) 8 *m)
Particles without spin with mass - Female - 50%

3 Particles with spin with mass = (mcos (i*pi), 9m, 11m) - Male (37,5%)

11 is link with next generations
3rd level or generation

Force - wave particle = 3m+ 3m*e^( i*k*pi) - bisexual 12,5%
Re Particle = 3m=mass
Im Particle =Im e^( i*k*pi)= 3mcos k*pi+ 3mi*sin k*pi

4 parts in 2 pairs (3m*i* sin k*pi, 12*m), (3m*i sin (k*pi) 14 *m)
Particles without spin with mass - Female - 50%

3 Particles with spin with mass = (mcos (i*pi), 13m, 17m) - Male

10 is no a real pair number, it is new organism, so first 2ned
generation next pair number is 12; 15 is not a real odd number as it is
an intermitent bifurcation during which organism interacts with force.

Level 1 chemical organism- star

Force H= (H,iH) bisexual (12,5%)
Pair elements ((iH), 2 -H2), (iH, 4=He) - Woman (50%)
Odd elements 1- H, (3-He3, 7-Li7) - Man (37,5%)


Product Woman*Man*force = (3-He3, 7-Li7)* ((iH), 2 -H2)*(iH, 4=He) )

Somewhere from these equations we will get substances in stars and
their proprotions and dynamics.If we use pure protons instead of
elements, we will get big mass elementary particles.
Size of products should give mass relations.

Generation 2 chemical organism

Asexual 2H=2H+2iH - 12,5% ?
Pair elements (2iH, 6-Li6) , ( 2iH,8- ) -Woman 50%
Odd elements (H,9-Li, 11- B) - Man 37,5%

I guess this is Fire.

generation 3

Asexual 3H=2H+3iH - 12,5% ?
Pair elements (3iH, 12-C) , ( 3iH,14- N) -Woman 50%
Odd elements (3H,13-B, 17-O17) - Man 37,5%

This should be Earth

Generation 4

Asexual 4H=4H+4iH - 12,5% ?
Pair elements (4iH, 16- O) , ( 4iH,18 -O18?) -Woman 50%
Odd elements (4H,19-F, 21-Ne21? ) - Man 37,5%

Generation 5

Asexual 5H=5H+5iH - 12,5% ?
Pair elements (5iH, 22- Ne) , ( 5iH, 24- ?) -Woman 50%
Odd elements (5H,23-Na , 25 -Mg ) - Man 37,5%

And so on.

If we make organisms from 2 element molecules which are itself some

Molecular chemistry

Level 1 molecular hemical organism-

Force H= (H,iH) bisexual (12,5%)
Pair elements ((iH), 2 -H2), (iH, 4=He) - Woman (50%)
Odd elements 1- H, (3-He3, 7-Li7) - Man (37,5%)

Octonion :

1 real part-asexual ( 12,5%)
4 imaginary (50%) -woman
3 imaginary triplets ( 37,5%) -man

Each of these combinations form an Organism which is able to live and
adapt in certain conditions. Even if constituents are inorganic, at
least form our point of view.
On the next level , each of these elements again is constituted from
these 8=4+3+1= square+triangle+circle parts.

The cycles of a 100% female organism are exactly in opposite phase to a
strongly binded 100% male organism. Every organism total sex some time
after birth in highest level is a product of its sexes on lower levels.
Before death, every organism becomes 4 parts women, 4 parts man.

A close PAIR of exactly 100% female and male sex organisms is stable
forever. It is not life, but order. = After order is reached,
bifurcation to chaos happens.
Single organisms outside PAIRS are behaving chaotically as they try to
attach to pairs (3 body problem) or Orderly, as they attach to opposite
sex organism.

Personality of Ivars Fabriciuss consists of :

1= N-asexual 12,5%
3 =E,T, P, - man 37,5%
4= I, S, F, J - woman 50%

In every person who is able to develop maximally, there are

4 parts of good - Woman - 50%
3 parts of evil - Man - 37,5%
1 part of ideal - Asexsual - 12,5%

Therefore good always wins, in long run , but the "necessary evil" is
needed for development, so it is always there. We should forgive him in
50% of cases, punish in 37,5% of cases, and ignore in 12,5% of cases..
If good = order > 50% development and growth is to slow and after each
cycle order = stagnation increases.

In optimal 1 st level organism, there is

4 parts of order (2+2)
3 parts of chaos ( 3 means chaos)
1 part of edge of chaos

Again, do not label me whatsoever. I am just explaining Nature.My task
at this stage is to spit out reasonably good quality idea sperm hoping
to get kids everywhere. I am an sperm factory now. By the way, at 44
years man should have some bifurcation point. May be it is dmind/dt
maximum or 0 or d2mint/dt2 maximum or 0 or d mass /dt maximum or 0. By
the way, is d2m/dt2 = sexuality? What values changes sign at ages:
5,5 = 2^0 *1000 days,
11=2^1*1000 days,
16,5=2^2*1000 days,
22=2^4*1000 days
27,5=,2^5 * 1000 days
33=2^6* 1000 days
38,5 = 2^7*1000 days
44=2^8 * 1000 days
49,5 = 2^9* 1000 days
55=2^10 *1000 days
60,5 = 2^11 * 1000 days
66=2^12* 1000 days
71,5 = 2^13 * 1000 days
77 = 2^14 * 1000 days
82,5= 2^15*1000 days
88= 2^16 * 1000 days

in a normal development course?

I would say 2^16 = 2^4 looks pretty ominous , at least considering that
4 dimensions. Let us make a guess that normal average age for man is 88
years, for Woman 99.

But let us not give away chance that longer life is possible if human
is somehow able to create additonal phase space at some bifurcation -
by getting into higher dimensions?

Consider a pair of periodic complex functions
Organism = M+iL= e ^(i 2pi*age/22) ; M-organism mass, L -organism
dOrganism/dt = dm/dt+i dL/dt ;
dmind/dt = d2m/dt2+id2L/dt2. Does it make sense?

dL/dt>0 = female sex ; dL/dt<0=male sex expression or vice versa. Is
complex function enough ?

Count the number of possible trajectories during lifetime starting from
0 with all possible directions of dm/dt, dL/dt cases at bifurcation
points 0,22,44,66,88. (should be 16 after age of 66? ) Death equals
bifurcating to 0 from any point of the ring. Relate to 16 ( at old age)
Jung types in system E-I, N-S, T-F, J-P. Try look at all combinations
of d2m/dt2 and d2L/dt2. How many Jung types are possible before age 22?
44 ? 66? 88? Does it make sense? I do not know.

Relate 22 years = 8000 days = 2^3 *50 *20 days= 2^6*5^3 days to 20
days = basis of Maya calendar. Look ar G*c value below above 6 -
physics and numbers.
It is not the solar forcing- both Humans and sun are forced by the same
force- a bifurcation caused by dx/dt or d2x/dt2 somewhere in the
Universe, sending gravitational pulse through the lattice. Is the fact
dx/dt and d2x/dt2 only important sign changes related to the fact that
dynamical system can be fully described by (x,x') combination?

5) We definitely need more woman here

Nothing really important in this world can happen if both sexes are not
involved proportionally. They complement and challenge each other,
keeping balance and development on track.

My, my wife Marita is a total opposite to me- a 100% Woman and Mother.
ISF by Jung. She victimizes her own cells by carrying the pain of world
suffering in her heart. To cure her from cancer forever, world has to
be changed.

6) Freedom of information

As in previous mail, never publish anything from this idea in journals
which do not have free internet access to all their content.

Freedom of access to needed information any moment any time is the key
mechanism for synchronization. If some knowledge is owned only by some
part of people, synhchronization will fail inevitably.

It will also fail if people will not use the same science as theory on
which analysis of information will be based. But this theory will not
be a dogma, it will be a way to go with a flow with enough freedom
except for freedom to violate the principles which sustain our

It will also fail if someones feelings will be hurt, knowingly or
unknowingly. There are no good or bad people, everyone has to find his
place where synhronization will proceed with only some stretching, but
balanced with relaxation.

It will also fail if someone will fail to ACT and push his pendullum
properly when the time to do it will come.

But even these sentences are not absolute; They should be fulfilled in
50% of cases rigorously, disobeyed in >37,5% and left to chance in
<12,5%-we do not care.

6) Involving others- please understand that You are getting involved
into something You will never get out, loaded with responsiblity of
knowing. Are You ready?Do You know someone else who might be? . ? It is
upon You to decide with whom and how to share this information. Let me
know if You want to be excluded from mailing list

As for me, after this mail I guess the scientific part will go on even
if I dissappear. However, the issue of making the right choices based
on intuitive computational power will probably require me around for
some time still:). I am one of the most adaptive persons in the world -
I adapt by changing the important aspects of environment.

6) Physical dimensions and time-more equations:)
From formulas in paragaph 1 it is clear that time is a derived
dimension in physics.

There are:
4 mass space dimensions in 2 pairs
2: mass and volume ^
2: surface dimensions v
Geometrically First 4 dimensions are organized as rectangular cells
inside sphere
3 rotation dimensions Y
Gemetrically organized as triangle cells on the surface of the sphere
1 time dimension - length linking Mass, volume,surface of the organism
with its rotational dymensions. O
Geometrycally as links between surface cells and volume cells.

Because of geometrical interpretation, all equations between simplest
mathematical forms here are based on packings of discs and spheres,
Minimum packing density which retains connectivity before percolation
is Birth state. Maximum packing density-Death (of that organism).
This naturally defines size of physical quanta in organism and possible
range of values from Birth to Death.

Filling of phase space in each dimension is independent in terms of
forcing-each dimension evolves via adaptation to separate external
interacting force, however internally these dimensions are

Time is the 8th dimension, it is necesserily relative, fractal , and
scalable. Fractal nature of time makes it directional. Its fractal
length is growing always with any interaction event until it fills the
phase space allowed for it.
Each organism on each level has its own time scale; however different
organisms on the same level with same interaction force try to
synchronize their time scales.
The synchronization ability is limited by the finite speed of
interaction force propagation.
This leads to desinhronization; In order to keep synchronized when the
size of surface/ ratio to surface goes above certain level as organism
grows, new interactions has to appear which has higher communication
speed. As internet , for example.

7) 8th element is a KEY to life.
100% Intuition is the ability to maintain optimal proportions over all
levels of organisms as a response to environment. 100% Practicality is
ability to maintain right proportions at 1 level as a response to


4 S,T, I J - woman - 50%
3 E, F, P - man -37,5%

8) On cancer

Cancer seed is a cell wich has become evil because 50% of its
constituents has become evil. It is a bifurcation.
Cancer develops if this cell manages to interact with others so that
they also become evil. They are close to 50% evil already.
As we know know, ideally in any space ( minimum space is 8 cells)
37,5% of cells are cancerogenous, 50% are not, <12,5% are potentially both.
The reason cancer does not develop is the very accurate tuning of the
synchronization power of hyman body.However, it can not be too tight as
then there will be no life and development.

Cancer is very important phenomena as it indicates cells in a body (
any organism) which are out of sync to a level which is dangerous not
only for them ( as there are many who decide to take their lives
without harming anyone) , but also for the whole organism. This
indicates out of sync occasion which can be only corrected by:

1) major forsed synchronization event - catastrophe - e.g. Chemotherapy
- punish all to get rid of few - or surgery - exterminate all cancer
2) Die

In any case, whole organism suffers heavily.
Both of these are BAD ways to solve the issue of cancer.

We have to remember that cancer cells are out of sync with the organism
because they either

1) read something in genes which does not fit current environment and
so by sticking to it cancer cells drop out of step with rest in THE
2) are internally out of sync
3) are synchronized with another, seed cancer cell.

The reason for cancer to develop of this initial seed could be:

External- too heavy environment forcing in any part of the organism
which destroys synhronization of cells, so that in any 8 cell complex 4
become cancerous. Even than this is a bifurcation event which can still
go both ways depending on
Internal - too structured , stressed and coordinated organism
depriving cells of fun of cooperation
Imported - e.g. Virus
Genetic - information programmed which tells to cells which way to
choose when they reach the unstable state of 50%/50% to get cancerous
ar stay healthy. Genetic information contains infomation about all
major choice ancestor bodies made in similar cases. Genetic information
is always supposed to be good because the fact our organism has reached
the day when we are reading it means that these choices have been right
IN THAT ENVIRONMENT when they were registered.

However, environment has changed. So again:

50% of choices organism takes are determined by its internal structure
37,5% by its constituents free will.
<12,5% are taken by based on choices communicated by genes

Now in cancer case genes would not always tell that getting cancerous
at bifurcation point is a good decision even if there were cancer cases
in history of this person.
At worst, it would say so in 50% of cases. In this worst case we should
take extreme control over environment to avoid bifurcations. In most
cases, history of genetic cancer just reduces the number of choices we
can allow to be done by chance.

Cancer cells also form organisms which has much faster time scale than
human body.Therefore their growth seems so fast compared to body
But even in cancer organism there are at least 50% good cells.

The way to get rid of cancer is to (in this order)

1) Offer a progressive way for these cells to release tension
2)Send in good cells which which are able to cooperate and talk with
cancer cells and remaining good cells , their constituents and recover
local synchronization.
3)Explain mistaken genetic information which has become dangerous in
present environment
4)Insulate and deprive the cancer organism of food, killing all -
including good cells and constituents
5) die together with cancer

Today , we use option 3 and 4 mostly.

9) Importance of the game of chess

It was kind of easy, the game with 4,3,1 . But do not be fooled by
simplicity. Simple rules does not mean neither order nor chaos. They
mean increasing complexity which contributes to development.

If someone were to construct a cellular automata playing this , he
probably would get something

The game of chess, if understood properly, will allow us to play
variants without commiting ourselves; it is just a game; but the
experience gained from it will help us to survive.

I looked in Interned a little more and found out that old version of
chess had 4 sets of 8 figures in Each corner. Players played in PAIRS:
PAIR against another PAIR. Game of life.

I have to leave something for E-mail Nr. 3.

10) To people of different religions and nationalities

Before deciding to get angry, please reread Your sacred texts
carefully. You will find a lot of texts supporting what I have been
trying to explain because it is common knowledge for all humans which
was once shared- it is the knowledge that describes NATURE. Sacred
texts are the condensed konowledge of our ancestors, and in many ways
thanks to them this knowledge can serve humanity again.

The reason why sacred texts were written was to pass the knowledge
forward, as it contained very valuable truths. Unfortunately, we did
not want to understand what we saw. A lot of lifes have been lost
unnecessary and damage to other living organisms, Earth, Water and Fire
has been done already.

As we are nearing another bifurcation, we have environment forcing us
to do this and that- earn more- but this time we should consult also
civilization genes - sacred texts and cultures- to learn what choices
our ancetors made trying to adapt to similar situations, and to decide
on the right choice.

But again:

While reading, we have to have opne mind, as everything that has been
written was either experienced,
People can only think about:

What they saw and heard =objective truth = rational 50%
What they felt, including mistakes in calculation = subjective -
intuitive >37,5%
What they could reason form objective with the help of Mathematics but
which have not necesserily happened - imaginary < 12,5%/hypothetic

We have to remember this when reading.They do not lie, but they are
also human so <62,5% is objective truth we can use - Experience +
correct predictions.

In the end, the power of Numbers is immense, but it is not absolute:

Numbers can only tell us WHEN there is a need to do something - 50% of
Mathematic rules tells us WHAT OPTIONS do we have - <12,5% of success
FEELING decide what to do ->37,5% of success.

In this sense, Feelings are the most important for us, THEY REPRESENT
OUR FREE WILL. But to be able to express it, we have to know the rules
of the game. We still can build or destroy- as we wish.

Ivars Fabriciuss

Just info: I am 43 years old, live in Riga, Latvia. I have graduated
from physics but have not really worked with them as they were too
complex for me.I am married, my wife Marita is 43 .We have 2 children
from her previous marriage. Last 13 years I worked in business as
managing director in a Latvian daughter company of PAROC.We are
experiencing very fast change here and a lot of decisions has to be
made at high speed.

P.S. My ideas may contain mistakes. In that event I change them 180
degrees by feeding high quality information and real feelings to them .
This is why I am writing to You . I am looking for high quality
information or objection. I am looking for high passion feelings. Both
are welcome. The worst what can happen to an idea is when it turns into
inorganic structured idea. There and then it dies. Ideas have to be
challenged all the time. Everything is relative, but we have to know
relative to what.

Information has to be accessible. I would have no chance to think if I
could not feed into my brain high quality structured information . I
did not get it from scientific journals- it is all inaccessible. I
would not have done ANYTHING without GOOGLE, WIKIPEDIA, MATHWORLD who
offers high quality STRUCTURED information with FAST access and EDGE OF
CHAOS, non-deterministic links, so DEVELOPMENT is possible. My ideas
would have died because of starvation.

Dear Friends,

This is the 3rd e-mail: 2 previous You have deleted as spam.1 st was
general idea, 2nd- more structured decription of Organism mathematics
and physics.

I had to start with formulas to get some attention; Also, I attach my
picture so that You know who is writing this bullshit.(but only <50% is

But be careful when taking this for granted: again please remember:
From everything You see here,

<=50% is correct and experienced =rational
37,5% is based on intuition = irrational
<12,5% is calculated based on rational and rules of mathematics as we
know them but not proved = hypothetical

ear f riends,

Motto: "Everything is RELATIVE but WE have to know relative to WHAT to
BE ABLE to make such CHOICE at each JUNCTION of our road which on
AVERAGE leads to infinite PROGRESS"

1) From yesterdays exercises in numbers I understand that I will
probably have to write 7 e-mails before the idea I am trying to express
will become visible for others.

So Expect more.

2) Organisms development stages, geometry, fractals and number
notation:Think of line as arrow, rotating disc as apple if it helps You
to visualize things.By the way. Inorganic shapes like crystals are also
organisms, they just have chosen another path at bifurcations which
leads neither to death, nor development, but order.

0 - a point emerges from previous level organism -dimension 0 of
1- point is filing a line by rotating and growing a fractal
2- line emerges - dimesnion 1 of organism
3 - line is fillind plane by rotating and growing
4- plane (disc) emerges - dimesnion 2 of organism
5 - plane rotation space is filled by disc rotating and growing
6- a volume ( sphere) emerges- dimension 3 for organism
7- rotating sphere starts to fill rotation space by getting precession
8- Form emerges - structure -dimesnion 4 for organism
9- form add another rotation dimension by starting to fill the skin
phase space - centers of mother organism and embryo start to move apart
by growing repulsion force
10- organism splits in 2 - new level of geometry - 2 shapes instead of
1. Dimension 5 for organism is new organism.

Dimension number 1,2,3,4act as denominators in power laws, numbers
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 , ,+- shows direction; so most powerlaws describing
some physical RATIO or RELATIVITY will have form:

X^ (+- 1/1,+- 2/1, +-2/1, +-4/1,+-5/1.... +-1/2, +-3/2,+-5/2,+-7/2, +-
9/2, +- 1/3,+-2/3, +- 3/3,+- 4/3, +- 5/3,+- 6/3,+-7/3,+- 8/3,+-9/3, +-
1/4, +-2/4, +-3/4,+-4/4,+-5/4,+-6/4, +-7/4, +-8/4, +-9/4

Each organism has 4 such development cycles or 4* 7 =28 generations
before reaching a qualitatively new bifurcation point (we call it next
birth ) where splitting happens in a form:(if organism does not reach
this point, it dies)

When numbers reach 100 - plane filled, 2 new dimensions has appeared.
1000- volume filled, 3 new dimensions has appeared
10000 - structure filled, 4 dimensions
100000 - new birth, 5th dimension filled ( 5th element=time)

At this stage it is interesting to see what from the old organism goes
into new? We have initially mass , 3 space dimensions and time, in that
order.Time dimesnion has been filled, is there 6 dimesnion and more -
timeless stuff?

Or, is organism splitting so that it gives mass back but keeps only
last -5th dimension -time-as a connection with previous organism and
seed for new? I think last version is more NATURAL ( this word is going
bigger - growing as organism).

So we have naturally arrived at definition of spirit or soul- that
which goes from one level of organism (4*7=28 generations) in to the
next.Again, this concept is purely mathematical so it should be
physical , no

2) Physical interpretation of spirit or i

Every higher level organism consists of 4 levels, each of them is an
organism who can develop in 7 generations;

Each organism has mass M and moment L

Ratio L/M defines how effectively mass is used to create moment; it is
angular moment omega*r.

Level 1 organism (body of organism) using a lot of mass to create L. If
it is placed in gravitational field , it is at the bottom of organism
Level 2 organism (brain ) compensates L of the lover level organism as
ideally total L of organism is 0 - it is STRAIGHT
Level 2 organism is more efficient than level 1, L2/m2>L1/M1 so M2<M1
and in a gravitational field it stays ABOVE organism level 1.

Level 1 and 2 is the first PAIR of organisms - 1/2 of Female part;
These organisms ar necesserily symetric, exist in pairs ( like hands
ar kidneys, 2 sides of brain etc)
and they of course consist of 4*7 organisms inside them which consist
of 4*27 inside them -the easy stuff is that if You IDENTIFY the
organisms correctly, You can always find solutions with simple math.

2 level organism ( brain) is lighter than 1 level symetric organism
(body) ,2 pair of organisms on top of each other.

We also must have 3 singular organisms with mass which also go up in
efficienecy. The geometry of singulars are that they are 1 in our body,
but they have L via connections with some other similar singular
organisms of opposing sign L ( so that total is O) which are located in
another organism.

Now if 1 organism is female sex organism, another male sex organism, it
is clear how sex symmetry is achieved - via first via sexual attraction
of opposites and intercourse where spare mass from male is released in
female missing ( always looking for her husband( Bible) ) mass,
resulting in total moment beiing conserved, or 0., also individiual
spins are relaxed so that Individual organism gets straighter.

Level 3 singular organism is probably Emotions or soul coming from
spinal cord?

Level 7 singular organism is something in the Brain - I think it is

Mind and Emotions also has moment L which tends to increase and has to
be relaxed from time to time by excanging mass with an similar organism
of opposite sign.

So total body of organism has 4 spins on from masses on top of each
other, each one lighter than other.
0- mass quanta -point L1/M1 - moment or organism quanta celss/mass of
organism quanta- cells
1 sex- male -point filling line L2/M2>L1/M1
2 body -female plane L3/M3>L2/M2
3 emotions - male - plane filling volume L4/M4>L3/M3
4 brain -female -volume L5/M5>L4/M4
7 mind - male , imaginary, no rest mass, L 6/M6>L5/L5

1+i - force - no mass at all? L7/M7= i =00 > any other moment
involving either rest or moving mass

All of them has spin. If You look at e.g human body, You will always
find singular sex organ pointing slightly in one direction if it has
not been discharged, Body turning slightly in opposite direction (
which one depends on right/left handedness)

Head slightly turned away from body direction ( look at all pictures of
saints etc. - they always look to one side)

The mind than has to have spin opposite the spin of brain and has to be
located ON TOP OF BRAIN.

Again, if we look at old books (nimbs) and science about the
luminiscence of organisms, it is clear that:

Mind of any Organism is localized outside its body on top of its brain
( whatever brain it has, if it has) .MIND consists of rotating light.
The intensisty of that light shows the power of MIND - power uf
organism computer which is used to create alternatives by calculations
possible options and their outcomes at future time moments as set by
external and internal CLOCK synchronization. When Mind is very
powerful, person gets STRAIGHT as all moments get aligned and

Mind as organism eats complex light = information, and shits out
degenerated light - digested information and sometimes also totally
digested light = non-live light = visible light, which forms the

The intensity of nimbus corresponds to total value of Organism spin,
but it is direction which is more interesting.

These calculations SET THE DIRECTION CHOICE UP or DOWN via brain which
acts on these instructions in Volume; further it is communicated to
soul ( emotions) which decides which action to take in PLANE which is
communicated to body organism wich acts in plane BY TURNING LEFT OR
RIGTH and then to sex to SEX organism WHICH SHOWS DIRECTION of action

So it is pure physics, nothing phancy.

Emotions are disccharged via emotional attraction and intercourse- good
emotions meet bad, bad emotions have intercourse with good emotions,
both are relaxed, total moment remains 0. From here the urge to spread
good emotions. Bad emotions only act as recieving and, they only spread
via interaction with good emotions by changing them - detroying the day
of the nice person in a bifurcation event of emotional discharge.

Emotions as organisms eats feelings - that what influences touches body

With male parts of organism problem is that relaxation has to be
searched OUTSIDE organism these suborganisms reside as L counterparts
with opposite moment sign are located in other organisms. From here the
restlesness of organisms, always searching for disharge partner.

Mind is discharged via intellectual attraction intercourse. Clever
ideas meet stupid, persuade them to become cleverer and become
peaceful. Frome here the urge to spread clever ideas.

3) Purpose of organism- careful

We have seen that nimbus shows the intensity and direction of organism
spin. Where is the axis of this spin pointing? If L goes up, intensity
increases we can imagina the disc of nimbus is getting smaller and
smaller as rotation speed goes up .As organism straightens, the
precession of spin is getting smaller, so the direction becomes more

In some limit, the nimb would be a small light sphere with a visible
light axis ( think about apple and arrow through it).

Now we can also imagine organisms whose spin is pointing down - the are
mathemathically possible, but are they possible in real environment?
Yes they are but not humans - these are Earth organisms

The interesting staff is that LIFE is exatly in the middle - so
probabaly life can have spins in both directions....

If we look at the form of brain + spinal cord+ sex organ, we can wee it
is very similar to sperm. We can easily assume that the spin of the
organism is directing this sperm to some point where succesful
conception might happen. Today, when organism on earth undergoes last
bifurcation, this direction is ( if organism is straight and spin is
up- away from Earth center.

Where does ot point- is do not know, but there is the point which, if
reached by Organism spirit will lead to succesful conception of new

If it will miss that point, it ( the organism of mind+emotions) will
die after 7 generations, as do most speramtozoids.

If it reaches that point, it will continue.

Now Iam going to read e-mails - are there any new- to get new ideas.

Best regards,

Ivars Fabriciuss


Ivars said:
Please give me a direction -
[long incoherent Theory of Everything]

You could try alt.dev.null, but your post is unlikely to make it.

There doesn't seem to be a C question in there anywhere, and hence your post
is as off-topic as it is undecipherable.
Information has to be accessible. I would have no chance to think if I
could not feed into my brain high quality structured information . I did
not get it from scientific journals- it is all inaccessible. I would not
have done ANYTHING without GOOGLE, WIKIPEDIA, MATHWORLD who offers high
quality STRUCTURED information with FAST access and EDGE OF CHAOS,
non-deterministic links, so DEVELOPMENT is possible. My ideas would have
died because of starvation.
I recommend adding a good guide on English writing to your arsenal of
sources, as well as other material that promotes critical, organized
thought. You presently seem to ignore the part of your brain that could tell
you that what you're writing is nonsense.


Christopher Benson-Manica

Ivars said:
Please give me a direction - am I totally lost in my own world and have
spent 6 months in vain trying to figure this out

Yes. Why bring us into it?


Hello, Cristopher

Because I need to involve someone to help me to organize my thoughts.
Is not that the aim of news groups?

Probably not You.

I apologize for the quality of text- it all got together in 2 days- so
many issues.

Best regards,


Christopher Benson-Manica

Ivars said:
Because I need to involve someone to help me to organize my thoughts.
Is not that the aim of news groups?

Not of this one; we discuss the C programming language here, not
complex metaphysical theories. I would strongly encourage you to find
a more appropriate newsgroup to post your thoughts to.


Ok clear,

thanks anyway.

For computer specialists i can only say that nature is calculating
differently than You, and much more efficiently. It uses totally
diferent number system, which has the same numbers, but is organized
differently. Many things simplify, new periodicities appear.

I admire Bill Gosper who was able to find most unexpected efective
algorithms by letting his intuition work, not by reducing scope
everytime thoughts wandered outside structured knowledge.

Best regards,


Michael Wojcik

Try news:sci.physics

I doubt the physicists would thank you for that recommendation.

Newgrouping might be a better bet for Ivars.
(Insofar as this is an interpretable metaphysics, it seems to be
mostly a numerological essentialism.)

Or wandering over to since on the
whole, alas, it does not appear to be very rational. (Puns regarding
rational, irrational, and transcendental numbers are left as an
exercise for the reader.)



I will try both:); and Astrology as well , thank You:)

I am here because I know programmers are very devoted people, not too
structured. They are more open to new ideas- I got more posts here than
anywhere else!
Ideas are chaotic because they are in such state; It is normal when You
are just at the beginning. May be it is not normal to share it.

Here is more: Can You program it?

have found this one:

e(k)/pi(k) = (7/(2^3*5^6)) * 15451

There is a number which has some significance:
EPI= e(k) + i *pi (k)

I guess that

e(k)/pi (k) = (0 ^+-N)* (1+- N)* (2^+- N)*(3^+-N)*(4^+-N)* (5^+-N)*
(7^+- N) * ( 11^+-N) * (13^+-N) * ( 17^+-N) * (19^+-N) * (
21^+-N)*(29^+-N)*(31^+-N) * (41^+-N)*(47^+-N)*

(59^+-N)*(71^ +-N)

As 0 = isin (k*pi) , 0 ^ N IS NOT 0!!!!
As 1 = cos (k*pi), 1^N is not 1!!! But + or - 1.

I am not sure 3, 23, 37 , 67, is present in this expansion. I am not
sure if it expands at all beyond 71.

Can You do a favour for me?

Try experimenting with following:

S= 1+i


0=i *sin k *pi, k = 0-00 but may stop at any k=N
1= cos k*pi k= 0-00 but may stop at any k=N

and such set of 8 numbers

4 numbers in 2 pairs : 2 complex numbers ( probably quartenion) : (
i* sin (k*pi), 2) , ( i*sin (k*pi),4) )
3 numbers in a triplet ( cos (k*pi), 3,7)
1 number complex ( 1+i)

One of the products is probably regular octanion, but not all.

Use following laws when calculating size of product ( without phase):

0 ^infinity = 1, 0^0=1.

Calculate all products of these numbers, upper 4 always go in pairs of
2 - can not be split; what is the meaning of integer term 8?
When working remember that multiplication of quaternion is
non-commutative, octonions are non-associative- so never unite any
similar numbers or change places in multiplication.

Define the size of different products ( e.g. for pair size = triplet
size= 1*3*7 =21, fist 4 numbers = 1*2*1*4 = 8, 8th number = 1

Ratio 4 first/triplet= 21/8 = 3*7/2^3

Especially, think what a product of first 2 pairs and triplet is; how
it behaves, what happens if product of first 2 and 1+i is calculated;
first 2 *(1+i) * (triplet)

what would be the next set of numbers with the same properties but
scaled sizes?

If You are careful, You will see lovely ratios and equations getting
more complex rapidly;

there will be linking sets ( like having triplet cos( k*pi,) , 9,11 )
which will link first generation of numbers <10 with next >10.
number 5 and 10 will never appear in these constructing sets) they are
reserved for other things .

Remembering that e^i*pi-1=0 we should get from this exercise ratio e(
k) /pi(k);

I You are lucky,You will discover periods of 7 and 4 such that 7
generations of numbers at 88 will lead to new type of set, beginning at
100., but 4 generations of such sets going forward will lead to totally
new quality appearing at 100 000 .

If You get stuck,, let me know.

Keith Thompson

Ivars said:

I will try both:); and Astrology as well , thank You:)

I am here because I know programmers are very devoted people, not too
structured. They are more open to new ideas- I got more posts here than
anywhere else!

Let me explain something to you. This is comp.lang.c. We discuss the
C programming language. Nothing you've posted has anything to do with

Take it to another newsgroup if you like. Or don't. Just stop
posting it here.

Peter Shaggy Haywood

Trolling idiot square Ivars was jivin' on 8 Aug 2006 05:21:19 -0700 in
i=infinity;0= i*sin k*pi, 1=cos k*pi, k=m/n, n=4,m=0-00;
c*G=20=const, 1/sgrt2>G>0.5, 6<N = NA ^2surf/NAvol<7 ; h/N =11=const,
e+i*pi; D universe =f(h)*1/ (a))^4, T=f( m, S, D)'s a bad trip! Dig

[Snip extremely long and nonsensical post.]

People, please do not feed idiot trolls. If you ignore them they
tend to give up and go away. But if you respond to them, it just
encourages them.
[Rest of thread plonked.]


Dig the even newer still, yet more improved, sig!

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