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I am creating a stock market charting application.
Users select a stock and time period and hit a 'Draw Chart' button.
In code, using graphic's objects, I draw an image of the stock's chart.
Next, I save the image.
Last, I load an imagbox with the newly created image's url.

This works fine for the 1st stock selected.
The problem is when a 2nd, 3rd, 4th... etc. stock is selected and the
draw button is hit, the imagebox maintains the 1st image only.
However, If I hit 'F5' or the refresh symbol (IE) the correct chart image
is loaded into the imagebox. I.E., 1st GE is chosen and the draw button is
hit: the chart correctly displays GE.
If IBM is selected next and the draw button is hit, the imagebox retains
the GE chart. If I hit F5 then IBM correctly displays.

After extensive research I cannot find a way to cause the 'correct' type of
refresh programatically. Redirects of all sorts cause the page to return to
its intial state: blank chart, date boxes etc. Again, the goal is to get the
latest stock chart image to display in the imagebox, not zero everything out.

Thank you for your time and, of course, any ideas would be greatly


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