Inheritance and the "is-A" connection

Jun 29, 2022
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I have a question about the Java "is-A" connection and how it relates to interfaces. To help clarify my query, I've defined an interface and a class that implements it below.
public interface Shape
   int method(Shape other);

public class Circle implements Shape
   private Shape s = new Circle();   //line 1

   public int method(Shape other)    //line 2
      return 3;
So, because Circle implements Shape, we may state that Circle is-A Shape and so utilize a Circle object wherever a Shape is expected, exactly as a line1 does.
When I write public int methods (Circle other) for line 2, however, I receive a build time error stating that it cannot override the method in Shape.
I read various articles online but this (link) is the only one that has some info I need to ask again just to be sure. Could someone perhaps explain why the same rationale does not apply to overriding interface methods? Because a circle is a Shape, why can't I just say public int methods? (Circle other).
Thank You!


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