Jul 12, 2022
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So! I have a program that I wrote in Java, the program organizes employees, each with set-able preferences, takes hours or gross pay as income, determines what taxes need to be paid, outputs a paycheck with all categories calculated, tracks paystubs year-to-date’s and produces W2s. Essentially a payroll program.

What I’m looking to do is put this program on a website so that I can access it from anywhere and use it for its purposes.

I‘m sure it’s possible, but is it the most efficient way? Should I write the program in a different language? Is there a specific way that I should link it to the website?

I plan to make individual log-ins for different business owners, so they are also able to log-in and manage their businesses payroll.

Any help, advise, stories of personal experience, possible partnerships, or warnings are greatly appreciated. Thanks community!


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