"Is anybody from Microsoft reading this?" you ask?


Clemens Vasters

"Is anybody from Microsoft reading this?"

Well ... actually .... no .... welll ... maybe if you're really lucky. Let
me explain ...

My name is Clemens Vasters and I am a Program Manager on the Connected Framework
team here at Microsoft. Our team owns ASP.NET Web Services, .NET Remoting,
WSE, the Windows Workflow Foundation and the Windows Communication Foundation.
We are deeply committed to help you with any problems you may have with these
products, but we can't be looking for questions everywhere.

While we know that many of you love the NNTP newsgroups, they are one place
too many for us to keep an eye on. Therefore we're focusing our online help
efforts on the MSDN forums (which isn't meaning to say that the newsgroups
are going away).

If you need an answer from the product team, the MSDN forums are the place
to ask questions. If you want to get on our radar to, for instance, become
an MVP based on your online participation, the forums are where we're looking
most closely.

The forums for the products that we own are:

--- ASP.NET Web Services and XML Serialization ---
Discussion on writing ASP.NET Web Services using the .NET Framework and on
using the XML Serialization technology.

--- Windows Communication Foundation ("Indigo") ---
for questions about WCF, including DataContract Serialization

--- .NET Remoting and Runtime Serialization ---
Discussion on using the .NET Remoting technology as well as Runtime Serialization
(including Binary and Soap serialization).

--- Windows Workflow Foundation ---
Discuss how to develop .NET applications using workflow functionality provided
by Windows Workflow Foundation.

We're dedicated to get your questions answered on these forums and have the
Developers, Testers, and Program Managers on our servicing loop look at them
each day. We are interested in your experiences and we are interested in
your ideas and suggestions for how to improve these products. Thank you for
your understanding; we look forward to meet you on the MSDN forums.

Thank you
Clemens Vasters

Program Manager, Connected Framework Team, Microsoft Corporation



Martin Pes

I am a MSDN subscriber. In my MSDN subscription "Getting Started Guide" in
Technical Support section there is a statement: "MSDN subscribers can post
unlimited .NET product and technology questions to over 230 Microsoft public
newsgroups and receive a guaranteed response from Microsoft Support
Profesionals within two business days".

Now I am really confused. If nobody from Microsoft is reading this forum how
do I get response from Microsoft Support Profesionals? Did the policy




Steve Dybing [MSFT]

Simply put, Clemens is wrong. The folks on the product development teams may
very well be concentrating on the forums, but the folks responding to the
MSDN subscribers posts work in Product Support and they most certainly are
paying attention to the newsgroups. Me, I'm with the MVP Award Program and
lurk in a few of the aspnet newsgroups.

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