Is Ruby Dying?

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by John Moses, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. John Moses

    John Moses Guest

    I have been working with nodejs alot lately and have been discussing with coworkers if nodejs is taking steam away from ruby at all. I think the popularity of the language is an important talking point when selecting a language and framework for a new project.

    I think a graph on the release date of gems over time could help determine an answer. The front page of rubygems only shows data on the most popular, but I am really interested in seeing recent activity. My theory is that if developers’ contributions to different gems is slowing down, then so is the popularity of the language.
    John Moses, Dec 24, 2013
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  2. John Moses

    SD! Guest

    Ruby as a language is the most beautiful thing ever devised since 6502
    assembly! :) And no web framework of the month is going to change
    this. But - no matter what some people are going to say about this -
    IMHO one of the biggest obstacles for taking Ruby into more use is
    actually the gems system. Gems should be repackaged as regular packages
    (e. g. for Debian/Ubuntu) and available from within te system's regular
    packaging/installation mechanisms. There should be NO special
    treatments necessary. No rvms, no gems, no nothing else than system's
    native packages that any and every admin could just simply install the
    same way as virtually every other package.

    As long as there will be arguments against this (read: excuses) only
    the fans of Ruby will always want to deal with the non-system-standard
    installation/distribution mechanisms. I am a fan of Ruby but I can't
    make it easy for Ruby indifferent admins to set whole Ruby ecosystem up
    and running (reliably).
    SD!, Feb 7, 2014
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