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Discussion in 'Javascript' started by droliff, Oct 24, 2018.

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    Oct 24, 2018
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    Hi all,
    I haven't been back in a while, tried to log in with my former username/password and no dice Lol. So my account must have been swept. Anyway, here's the question:

    I am putting together a website for a client in the Wordpress environment. I purchased a lightbox plugin called Modulobox.
    Only after purchasing did I think that I might want to have a 'dissolve' transition from image to image rather than their default slide from side to side to go through the images in a gallery. The plugin has a section for 'Custom JS (advanced users)' and a section for 'custom JS for Core Script Modifications (Developers).

    I contacted their support dept and they said, while their support doesn't include customization however...
    "You can modify the slideTo prototype thanks to this code. You must add this code in ModuloBox settings panel under customization tab tab in the field CUSTOM JS FOR CORE SCRIPT MODIFICATIONS (DEVELOPERS):"
    Code (Text):

    ModuloBox.prototype.slideTo = function( to, slideShow ) {

        var slides     = this.slides,

            gallery    =,

            holder     = this.DOM.slider,

            RTL        = this.isRTL(),

            length     = gallery.initialLength,

            moduloTo   = ThemeoneUtils.modulo( length, to ),

            moduloFrom = ThemeoneUtils.modulo( length, gallery.index ),

            slideBy    = moduloTo - moduloFrom,

            fromEnds   = length - Math.abs( slideBy );

        // if no loop and outside gallery ends

        if ( !this.states.loop && ( to < 0 || to > - 1 ) ) {



        // if we are closed to a slider end, then go directly

        if ( this.states.loop && fromEnds < 3 && fromEnds * 2 < length ) {

            slideBy = slideBy < 0 ? fromEnds : -fromEnds;


        // if same slide but different media index

        // necessary in loop and thumb click or slideTo triggered manually

        if ( moduloTo === to ) {

            to = slides.index + slideBy;


        // number of slides to animate

        slideBy = to - slides.index;

        // if same slide selected

        if ( !slideBy ) {



        // unset zoom of current cell

        if ( this.states.zoom ) {



        // pause video


        // remove share tooltip


        // if not triggered by the slideshow

        if ( !slideShow ) {



        // set new index

        slides.index = to;

        // prepare slider

        var slider = this.slider;

        ThemeoneUtils.addClass( holder, this.pre + '-hide' );



        ThemeoneUtils.removeClass( holder, this.pre + '-hide' );

    I've done that ( see attached screen shot ). Now, can anyone help on the javascript I need to add to the (advanced users) section in order to get the 'dissolve' feature to happen?



    droliff, Oct 24, 2018
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