JBoss JNDI Naming Question


Karl Uppiano

I wrote a resource adapter and a sample J2EE web application that accesses
the RA. The RA connection pool JNDI name is eis/MyResourceJNDIName. The
resource reference name is eis/MyResourceName. Based on this, the naming
lookup should be java:comp/env/eis/MyResourceName.

The resource reference in web.xml looks like this:


The mapping in jboss-web.xml looks like this:


The ds.xml file configures connection pools like this:

<config-property name="serverName"

For some reason, this assigns the JNDI name java:eis/MyResourcePoolJNDIName.
If I change jndi-name to comp/env/eis/MyResourcePoolJNDIName, looking at log
data in the java console, it appears to accept the name, but when I look in
JNDIView, the name is not listed, and the JNDI lookup does not work. Why can't
I enter a value into the expected namespace? All the other appservers
support this.

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