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Discussion in 'Java' started by Guest, Feb 12, 2004.

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    Hi there, I am a Lead Web Developer for IBM Global Services consulting branch and my wife is a recruiter for a local IT Staffing and Consulting firm here in Houston, TX. She has scoured Monster and online resources, as well as her own company's database, but she didn't have much success in finding the right candidates. After listening to her whining for a while, I decided to help her and try a few unconventional methods, like JUGs, old friends and colleagues of mine, Java BBS hangouts etc...

    She has a client that needs several (up to 75 positions eventually in the next 12 months) Java developers. The positions are in downtown Houston, with a Fortune 100 corporation. Kickass benefits and all related perks are offered for F/T positions.Is it a large company using cutting edge technology. They are very encouraging for qualifying women and minorities to apply, too.

    They are either looking for a full time positions or contractor positions, paid hourly. US citizens and or green card holders are preferred, BUT H1B Visa holders are welcome and might be considered for contract positions only, and only with exceptional skills and way above average programming abilities and very strong background. Her IDEAL candidates should have outstanding technical skills in these areas: are experts in all aspects of Java (J2EE, EJBs, applets, servlets, JSPs) and/or C++ programmers, Sybase/Oracle, XML, MQ, Solaris, UNIX. The ideal previous experience should be: developing mission critical, real-time applications used in the Oil/Gas, Investment Banking, Energy Trading or Financial industries, on the trade floor etc... Good knowledge of the above mentioned industries is beneficial. A small plus is experience with foreign exchanges and commodities.

    If you are not living in Houston, relocation might be a possibility for the right persons.

    The pay rate given to me is just a general guideline. It will depend upon her client, upon candidate's previous experience etc.. Generally, I was explained that the guidelines for compensation are competitive and as follows: For full time positions, 70-80K base plus bonus of 0-40K depending on a seniority of a candidate, quality of work done, tying to company's performance etc... Don't know much about that, so you make sure you ask her any questions you have. Contract positions will be paid up to 50 $ an hour DOE.

    Well, that's it, as it was given to me. If you are interested or if you know someone who is, you can either email me back with your updated resume, or feel free to call me at 713 686 6995. If the voice mail picks up, please leave a message. Thanks!
    Best regards,
    Guest, Feb 12, 2004
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