LoadControl Compilation problem



Hello. I have some problem and really need a answer why it happens.
I have asp.net framework 2 site and I use 2 clusters (NLB). They both use
the same network path to source code, the same database, and the same IIS
settings on both.

I use the simplest type of deploying site – just update them in paths which
use IIS from clusters. So after each update it should make recompile of
project and use new version of code. I have terrible problem with it.
Sometimes one of clusters work but others show me some compile error. How can
it be? They use EVERYTHING the same.

It usually crashed on code which use this:
LayoutParts_SessionWork pSessionWork = null;
pSessionWork = this.LoadControl("LayoutParts/SessionWork.ascx") as

Crashed on line with LoadControl and in trace I write some dll (for example
something like this, sdhajksuw123kll1.dll) wasn’t found.

I can fix it by changing file and put it again ( it should be new recompile)
or reainstall framework on this cluster (should be recompile too).

Why it happends? Why it happends only for ONE of them?? It looks like IIS
have 80% on success building of code and somethimes it works somethimes not.
I have tiread abuot it and really need answer how to fix it.

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