ASP.NET 64 bit compilation


Amit Bansal

Hi Friends,

I have an ASP.NET 2.0 32 bit application. In the VS 2005 solution, there are
3 class library projects and 1 web site/web project. I changed the target
environment to x64 and complied the class library to 64 bit. I cross
verified with CORFLAGS and the dlls are PE32+. When I compile or publish the
web site/web project which references the 64 bit dlls, I get the following

"Could not load file or assembly 'Name' or one of its dependencies. An
attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format."

1. How can I compile the entire solution in 64 bit?
2. What if I deploy the 32 bit compilation on a 64 bit environment (Win 2k8
R2), will it run in 64 bit by default?
3. Can I change the ASP.NET mode in IIS to only run in 64 bit?
4. I am using the Publish option to pre-compile the entire web site before

In a nut shell, I want to run my 32 bit app (managed code) in true 64 bit
environment (no WOW).

Kindly assist as its very urgent.




Alpa Ved

Hi Amit,

We are facing exactly the same issue that you mentioned in this post. Did you get a solution for this? Any help on this is highly appreciated, we need to resolve this at the earliest.

Thanks in advance!

Alpa Ved

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