Login destinationpageurl error: 26 - Error Locating Server on deployment



Remote aspnetdb being used for membership security.

Works great when I compile/run on my vs.net client.

However when I deploy the website to the webserver, and test the login
I can see site is talking to the database as a wrong password produces
the expected message, and correct password tries to take me to the
destinationpageurl, but I get this message while it tries to to load
that page after about 10 seconds.

An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server.
When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the
fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote
connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error
Locating Server/Instance Specified)

security on destination page's directory is "all users" = allow. And
again it works fine on my vs.net client before I deploy.

I've tried every authentication setting in IIS.

Thanks for any help or information.

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