Login LoggedIn event and Profile object question

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Rusty Hill, May 24, 2007.

  1. Rusty Hill

    Rusty Hill Guest

    My site does not allow anonymous users. After a user has logged in and been
    authenticated I need to access some information in their profile object. I
    thought I would do this in the LoggedIn event of the Login object but when
    that event fires the user is still not authenticated so the profile is null.

    Where and how should I be doing this? Should I be checking the
    ProfileModule.MigrateAnonymous Event in the global.asax? Remember I do not
    allow anonymous users at all and just want to grab a custom property from
    the profile object the moment I know who the user is and have access to
    their specific of the profile object. Thank you.
    Rusty Hill, May 24, 2007
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  2. Rusty Hill

    Rusty Hill Guest

    I had to get creative and here is how I solved it:

    protected void Login1_LoggedIn(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Get the login object
    Login login = sender as Login;

    // Get the profile for the logged in user
    ProfileCommon usersProfile = Profile.GetProfile(login.UserName);

    // Go set the session UI culture
    if (usersProfile.PreferredUICulture != "")
    Session["PreferredUICulture"] = Profile.PreferredUICulture;
    Rusty Hill, May 24, 2007
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