Looking for place to stay 2 months sabbatical

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by SASADA Koichi, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for foreign (*1) lab at university, research institute or
    private company who can accept me as a sabbatical for the two month (Aug
    to Sep).

    *1: I hope US to attend RubyConf2011 :)

    If you have troubles with Ruby interpreter, I'll work on that problem.
    If you have ideas for Ruby interpreter, it will be a good opportunity
    for us.
    If you don't have any complaint against Ruby, it will helps me (and
    maybe development of Ruby 1.9 series) if you accept me :)

    If your organization can accept me, please contact me <>.


    My name is Koichi Sasada, lecturer at Graduate school of Information
    Science and Technologies (IST), the University of Tokyo (*1). I'm also
    a developer of scripting language Ruby (*2). The latest version of Ruby
    (CRuby) 1.9 series employ new virtual machine (YARV) (*3) which I had
    developed. We are continuing the development of VM to make it faster.

    *1: IST - http://www.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index_e.shtml
    *2: Ruby - http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/
    *3: YARV: yet another RubyVM: innovating the ruby interpreter

    IST makes a "dispatch young researcher to foreign country" program to
    encourage international research. Thanks to this program, I have an
    opportunity to visit another research institute in two months (Aug to
    Sep, this year). This program (IST) pays me *all* of travel expenses
    (flight tickets, rent for apartment, and other living costs).

    Current our main research topic is Scripting language for parallel
    execution. Many languages/interpreters support parallel threads
    (threads run in parallel). However, we believe programming with
    parallel threads is very difficult. Scripting language such as Ruby
    should more easy language. Our goal of this research is make an "easy
    parallel scripting language". One idea is Multi-VM (multiple VMs in one
    process run in parallel).

    Another activity is development Ruby (CRuby). There are many practical
    problems such as performance problems (speed, memory consumption) and bugs.

    My CV in details: http://atdot.net/~ko1/activities/cv_sasada.pdf
    SASADA Koichi, Jun 20, 2011
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  2. s/sabbatical/research trip/ :)

    SASADA Koichi, Jun 20, 2011
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