Hi all,

I am having a problem with the AJAX ModalPopupExtender.

I am using C#, .NET 3.5

I have a form on a page. In the form is a linkbutton that pops up a modal
popup, in the pop-up, I have a search box. The idea is that when the search
button is clicked, the modal popup has a gridview, and clicking on an item
in the gridview sends the row data back to my form.

I am seeing the search button fire, but the modal popup disappears and the
parent page jumps back to the top.

Further... on the parent page is a datalist, and when a row is in edit mode,
it looks like the earlier mentioned form, which will include a linkbutton to
pop-up the search form. At the moment, this is not wired in, but I am saying
it for clarification.

Finally, I have an UpdatePanel for most of the page. The Modal Popup panel
is inside this update panel and I have an update panel inside the panel for
my search form. I don't know if this has any bearing on the problem.

Any ideas?

Best regards,
Dave Colliver.
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