Multi-PostgreSQL based on http header value - Ruby on Rails

Jun 15, 2015
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Hi everybody !

We are currenlty working on a project with multiple openstreetmap postgresql databases installed and one api instance, i added a X-Venue header for requests to route to a specified correctly installed database.

I've updated ApplicationController to connect to the specified database, it works but when i connect to a non existing database, it returns database not found even if the database is correct on future calls

Here is the code :

I'm not sure how rails works with pgsql, when the first connection occurs, and if establish_connection() is the good way, it seems that some connection polling somewhere keeps latest bad connection.

If i restart the server (bundle exec rails server) it works again
Is it because Rails doesn't close connections by default ?

Any help on that ?

(original issue was posted on openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website#980 but it's a rails issue in fact)


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