Need advice on localization


Hans Artm


We are developing a site that needs to be localized (english + spanish). The
site has a lot of "static" pages with a lot of text, and some dynamic pages.
We are unsure how to develop the static part. We could use a
localize/literal control and stick content in a resx-file - but it could be
several paragraphs in pure HTML and the text is not 100% static. It might
change a few times a year. Another way is to have two html pages and some
code to grap the right one based on culture, and stick the content in a
literal.This solution would need some output caching - but thats not a

What would your advice be - resx (can we get a good resx editor to handle
html?) or "our own solution"? Or do you have any alt. advice?


Cowboy \(Gregory A. Beamer\)

Depending on the nature, a third option is to use a custom localization
provider and a database. Michele Bustamante (look ma, no accents - yeah, I
am being lazy) has a couple of great articles on MSDN on localization. They
are worth a look. One includes localization using a database.

If you go that route, you can use one of the free HTML editor controls to
allow your editors to maintain the text for pages that way.

I also like the HTML version, but would also consider a custom provider if
you go this route, as ASP.NET will automagically do the work for you. :)

Hans Artm


HTML-version it is then - a custom provider seems to be overkill in this
project. Will look at MBs articles though


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