need help for this project......



I am new to XML and PERL and I have a few questions the answers to
which I need to complete a project. All your time and effort would be
highly appreciated. I have to make a small HTML page which would take
in as input the state code, of the 50 states belonging to the Unites
States of America. After the user enters the two letter code and
presses the "GO" button, a *.xsd file is parsed to retrieve
information about the entire state name from the two letter code
inputted by the user. The *.xsd file has more than 50 states and the
other states need to be omitted while validation. Then the PERL script
fetches data from the T-Mobile website about the state inputted by the
user and makes an XML file from the fetched data. Thus the PERl script
will scrape data from the T-Mobile web page to an XML file. Till this
point I cannot use any XML parsers or PERL libraries and all this has
to be coded using some other logic. The user should then see another
web page which will have two more links to another pages. One script
should invoke another page which will have 4 drop down menus each of
which will become active one by one using Javascript functions and
then i can retrieve particular information about different places
(e.g. airport, starbucks etc) choosing different locations and
different places from the created XML file. For this part I can use
PERL libararies and PERL DOM. Can someone please help me or guide me
to a tutorial that tells me the following things:

(1) Parse through an xsd file and capture information from it. (e.g.
if user enters "CA" then from xsd file it should make "CA" to
"California" )

(2) After CA changes to California send that information to a T-Mobile
website and fetch all data corresponding to California.

(3) Make an XML file of only the address and phone number tags from
the fetched data.

(4) Tutorials on step 2 and step 3 would be more on Data Scraping...

(5) Make a webpage having 4 drop down menus but only first one active
and the others becoming active after a selection is made in the forst
drop down menu. (implementation usgin JavaScript)

I highly appreciate all your time and help for this question....
Thanks a lot ......

Peter Flynn

MK said:
I am new to XML and PERL

I'd go and learn both of them thoroughly first, before tackling a live
project. Learning on-the-job is fine, but there's really way too much
to learn here if you're trying to write live code at the same time.


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