Need help with image and text swap with rollover effect

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by twst3d, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. twst3d

    twst3d Guest

    Thanks in advance. Not very well versed in javascript but I'm pretty
    good at piecing together code that works.

    I am creating a page that has will have definitions on one side and a
    blank area below and to the right. What I want to happen is for the
    words to be highlighted on rollover but then I want the definition of
    the word plus an image to appear on click.

    I have a semi functional version working now at However, I have
    noticed that the code is getting ridiculous and redundant and I want
    to streamline it with an external sheet if possible.

    Currently I am using the <div> command and making the elements appear
    and disappear at random but it is getting out of hand with all of the
    words and definitions. Any help to streamline this would be greatly
    appreciated as I can't seem to find anybody else who is doing the same
    twst3d, Jul 11, 2007
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