net::imap extension


Anders Borch

hi rubyists!

I recently made a small web-interface to some mail administration, it
was a small and easy operation with the kind help ruby :)

but... I found that Net::IMAP lacks ACL support, I know that it's not
IMAP (rfc 2060), but it *is* in rfc 2086. GETACL, SETACL, DELETEACL etc.
would be *very* nice to have in net::imap, and are pretty easy to
implement too:

module Net
class IMAP

def setacl (mailbox, user, acl)
send_command ("SETACL", mailbox, user, acl)

def getacl (mailbox)
send_command ("GETACL", mailbox)

# ...


my question is this: how to put this in the official Net::IMAP package
distributed with ruby (I think it should be there, if others disagree
then I'll just keep my acl code to myself and shut up about it :)



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