New Business Card / Label Print Component .NET Source Code Solution V12.50 Released

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    New Business Card / Label Print Component .NET Source Code Solution
    V12.50 Released
    Product Tour E-XD++ and UCCDraw product walkthrough :
    Here you can find a full business card / label print application's
    source codes!
    Add Print & Print preview capability to your applications. E-XD++
    Component is an .NET / VC++ Library (An ActiveX component also shipped)
    that allows you to create documents for printing and previewing
    application. It supports multiple rows and columns, text wrapping,
    multiple text fonts and sizes, headers and footers, blocks outlining,
    shapes layout, graphics, and more.
    With E-XD++ Component, you can add advanced printing functionality to
    your applications. The E-XD++ Library is a 100% C++ data rendering and
    visualization system, built specifically for Visual Studio .NET and
    designed to bring your User Interface to the printed page. Now you only
    need a few days for building a very powerful label print or report print
    It has the following main features:
    1. Ships with 100% VC++ / MFC Source Codes
    2. Template setting for label and business card print.
    3. Load and save document file.
    4. Multiple pages printing
    5. Printing multiple label within one page.
    6. All the source codes of the following screen shot's features will be
    sent to you.
    7. It also has all the features of the following link:
      Diagramming framework, 2D graphics, multiple pages, Drag and Drop,
    Microsoft Visio, Measurement units, Print, Print preview, Drawing line,
    Drawing Rectangle, Drawing Ellipse, Drawing Bezier Line, Drawing
    Polyline, Drag / Drop OLE Object, Lines Connect, Line and Curve Connect,
    Visio 2007 like Ruler, Drawing Arc Line, Draw Pie Shape, Open and play
    GIF89a file, Double buffer drawing, Database Design Diagram Solution,
    curve line, VC++ Source Code
    1) Choose a template from the following dialog.
    2) Design the business card or label.
    3) Print and print preview what you get.
    4) Loading database fields from any database source, or file (Such as
    microsoft access *.mdb file), it supports full drag - drop feature, you
    can drag and drop any database fields from the list box at right side,
    and then drop it on the canvas. This feature is very important for any
    batch printing and variable data printing, software, as below:
    E-XD++ Component is a comprehensive set of C++ classes that allow you to
    add interactive graphics to your application with a very minimal amount
    programming. The library encapsulates not only the drawing of graphical
    objects, but it also handles user interaction with the graphical views
    of your information. Such as moving, resizing, rotating, alignment, etc.
    The key strengths of E-XD++ are:
    Usable Classes -- E-XD++ was designed from the start to be a reusable
    class library
    Power -- easy definition of specialized graphical objects containing
    other objects
    Flexibility -- any client application can implement its own visual
    syntax and semantics
    Performance -- can handle thousands of nodes and arcs, can import any
    svg xml shapes.
    Ease of Use -- supports object selection, drag-and-drop, auto-scrolling,
    zooming into diagrams, arbitrary scaling of individual nodes, assisted
    drawing of arcs, unlimited Undo / Redo supports.
    Feel -- users can do in-place text editing, drag and drop, resize all
    using the "expected" user interface
    Smooth -- supports double-buffering, real-time dragging, and Windows
    metafiles for full-resolution printing
    The leader in visualization component -- FULL VC++ Source Code Shipped!
    XD++ Diagrammer Suite is the the world’s leading VC++ and .NET
    visualization component. Renowned for incredibly rich graphics, XD++
    helps thousands developers build applications that offer unparalleled
    functionality. Outstanding productivity lowers project risk and reduces
    maintenance headaches. With 10 years of dedicated research and
    development, UCanCode leads the market for visualization technologies,
    providing outstanding customer support.
    Download and try this solution's prebuild sample:
    The source codes of this sample is shipped with E-XD++ Library
    Enterprise Edition, order it now.
    jack zhang, Sep 24, 2008
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