[new to threads] threads with UI and loop


Une bévue

i have a ruby app (RubyCocoa over MacOS X using also RubyAEOSA)
needing to use several threads.

all of the parameters are controlled by the UI

then, it's a thread apart having a empty loop when nothing to do, i call
that thread "UI_thread". This process make use of "RubyCocoa" in order
to control a cocoa interface.

apart from ui i have saying one action, saying "process" which as to be
launched every 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes (depending from a parameter given
by the "UI_thread". This thread called "Process_control" loops to itself
after the time delay.

then a third thread called "Process" being launched by "Process_control"
independantly of "UI_thread" every time delay. This process make use of
RubyAEOSA, applescripting another application (MacSOUP)

any advices on how to organize that ?

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