Off-Topic: Free Flatscreen TV



Hey all! I know this is off topic for this norm of this newsgroup, but
I'm going to stop lurking for a few minutes to see if anyone out there
can help me out :)

One of the websites I read every now and then is, and in
their forums I ran across a referral program for free TVs. All you do
is get 8 people to sign up and they'll send you a free TV set. Its a
completely legitimate offer and company, and you can see proof(ie
pictures/testimony) over at the GearLive forums if you're curious. ( )

You can read about the offer at:

If you'd like to join though, would you consider using my referral

I've gotten my friends to join, but I'm still 3 shy from earning the
TV. All of the offers can be cancelled at a later time, so you will
not be out any money(as long as you cancel during the trial that is,
dont forget to do that!).

So if you want to give it a shot, please us my referral link and help
me out a bit. Wish me luck and thanks for any help you could give!

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