May I post a link to our graduate research project concerning Java Concurrency?

Sep 6, 2022
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Hi! My name is Ma, and I am currently doing my graduate research at the University of New Brunswick.

We have a study concerning the mental models of programmers in concurrency and we want to reach out to social media and forums to find some participants for our research. I wonder if I can post a link to our experiment?

More details about our experiment:
Our experiment is a mental model assessment where participants will be provided with some code snippets in Java concurrency (mainly Java threads). Participants need to read and write comments on the code in a 15-minute duration. Then, after this phase, participants need to answer some questions about the code without its presence. According to our available literature review, this mental model study has never been done before, so I hope people can help us!

Our study has already been approved by the ethics department of the University of New Brunswick with the number 2022-067. Feel free to verify this with them.

Thank you so much for your patience. I will post the link to our study when I receive permission.

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