Page redirection based on an event trigger




I wonder if there's a way to cause a page redirection based on an
event of the current page.

What I'd like to happen is:
If the user does not click on the [Download] button I'll redirect him/
her to a tips page, namely,
the best-note-taking-tips-from-10-colleges.html file
in the review directory

My attempt is:
include a hidden field named 'downloadChk' in the form of 'f'
with default value of 0
if the download button is clicked, change that field's value to 1
(business role: in that case no need for redirection),
then with the event of onbeforeunload at BODY element to determine the
page redirection or not...

Not working. That is, when the condition is true page redirection did
not occur.

Here's the page,

What am I doing wrong? How to fix it?

Many thanks.


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