page sees session variable as null until refresh



I’m having a problem with a web app that sees a session variable as null
until a page reload.

These are the steps:

1. Web app loads an array of string data into a session variable
2. Go to another page using response.redirect(“mynextpage.aspxâ€)
3. Return to current page using“mypage.aspxâ€,â€_selfâ€) call in
javascript file
4. Upon returning, process initially sees session variable as null (this is
not good);
5. refresh page using browser green arrows button, process now sees session
variable as not null, and contains the array (this is what I need)

Other items:
• Problem only shows up on this one page. Other pages with similar processes
work fine.
• The problem doesn’t appear to be a postback issue.
• This only happens on two machines that we’ve tested. One has IE8, one has
• Other PCs with IE7 and IE8, no problems.
• Looking at the browser internet options, I’m not seeing any real

thanks for any help pointing me to a resolution.


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