Persisting Custom Control's Child tag's values



I am creating a webcontrol custom control using asp .net. I have the
parent control and within that control i am adding the children
controls using the contents of children tag. The children tag have
some of the properties that i am interested in during the roundtrip
between browser and server. The problem i am facing is that after the
user modifies the properties of these children control on browser/in
the code and posts back, the children properties are lost!!!. Here is
the pseudo code for what i am trying to do:

MyWebCtl webControl,INamingContainer

public ItemCollection Items //Property containing the collection of
"children control property"

override protected void CreateChildControls(){...};

public override ControlCollection Controls{}

protected override void Render(HtmlTextWriter output){}


public class childrenTab(){} //This class contains all the properties
that i am interested in
Any help is appreciated.


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