Placement of python scripts in apache in 2017

Nov 14, 2017
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This would lead to a more nvolved question, but I could use some help with such things as search terms to use to find more info, links (someone has already done this, etc.
First of all, lets assume a centos7/apache/mod_wsgi serverset up.
Lets also assume no django, no nginx, no bootstrap,no php, possibly not even a database.
(That should narrow things down quite a bit).
I want to use 2 or 3 python scripts (maybe more), but 3 main ones.
Now, let's say I have an html page with a button,a href that calls a python script. What choices do I have on where to put this script? Right in the apache root directory, the cgi-bin, somewhere else? And let's say this button and script takes the user into a protected directory (the same script - is that possible?). And hooks up to another python script that does some math - maybe random numbers, and leads to another python script that sends the user somewhere else - another html page? Sorry, this is pretty vague - which is why I'm asking the question - need more info.


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