possible circular import problem with python-3, but not python-2


Darren Dale

I am attempting to contribute to the h5py project by porting the code
for python-3. The code is available in a branch at github:
http://github.com/darrendale/h5py/tree/py3k . That code uses cython to
wrap the hdf5 library.

So far, only a few minor changes have been needed (relative imports,
changes concerning strings/bytes), and I have been able to generate
the c sources, build and install h5py for py3k. But I can't actually
import the library. On Snow Leopard, using the python-3 installed via
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
File "/Users/darren/.local/lib/python3.1/site-packages/
h5py-1.3.1.dev-py3.1-macosx-10.6-x86_64.egg/h5py/__init__.py", line
34, in <module>
from . import h5, h5a, h5d, h5f, h5fd, h5g, h5l, h5o, h5i, h5p,
h5r, h5s, h5t, h5z
File "h5t.pxd", line 17, in init h5py.h5a (h5py/h5a.c:5248)
File "h5p.pxd", line 23, in init h5py.h5t (h5py/h5t.c:16481)
File "h5t.pxd", line 17, in init h5py.h5p (h5py/h5p.c:9297)
ImportError: No module named h5t

That looks like it might be a circular import problem, but it works
fine with python-2.6. I'm at a loss on how to proceed, could anyone
please offer a suggestion?



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