problem to generate .NET test client from WSDL



I want to generate .NET test client from WSDL in Visual Studio.NET.
After I have added web reference with the remote WSDL URL, I used
Google WSDL here. I press F5 to
start the test client, and it lanuches
http://localhost/GoogleWSProj/Service1.asmx in the web browser, but the
problem is that it doesn't show the web services operations. I expect
it will show all web services operations, and allow the user to enter
the input values to get the output values.

If I create a .NET web service, then I am able to see the web services
operations in
the test client.

What I have gone wrong here?

Please advice. thanks!!


Gaurav said:
What do you have in your asmx?

Service1.asmx.cs only has the code generated by VS. There is no code
related to the web service defined in WSDL.
What output does it give?

When I launch http://localhost/GoogleWSProj/Service1.asmx in the web
browser, the page says:

The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please
review the Service Description.


This web service is using as its default namespace.
Recommendation: Change the default namespace before the XML Web service
is made public.

But I couldn't see any operations that allow me to choose.

Please advice more. thanks!!

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