Problem Using SqlDataSource to automatically Update Value of item in Gridview Row

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Vaughn Haybittle


I have a Gridview that binds to a SQL Server 2000 Database Table.

I have configured the SelectCommand, UpdateCommand, InsertCommand and
DeleteCommand of the SQL DataSource. All of these commands work except the
Update Command. The SQL for the Update Command is as follows: "UPDATE
tblInductionVenues SET [email protected]_venue WHERE [email protected]_uid"

I have the following questions:
1) Do I need to manually configure the parameters in the Command and
Parameter Editor, or should the fact that they are named according the the
convention above be enough fo rthem just to work?
2) If I do need to manually configure the parameters then how do I get a
handle on the textbox that appears when the gridview is in edit mode (I know
how to specify the inv_uid by setting it to the selectedvalue of the
3) Why is it that my DELETE and SELECT Commands work perfectly but not my
UPDATE command
4) Is there any way to debug what is happening while the SqlDataSource is
executing my UpdateCommand SQL (I know that I can use the updating and
updated events just before and after the update, but I want to capture
exectly what happens during the update)

Any advice would be appreciated.




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