Problems with setting up eclipse and android sdk.

Apr 24, 2011
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I have been trying to get started with buzztouch and eclipse. .
I have downloaded jdk1.6.0_24 and jre6 and installed them into my programs folder.
no problems there.

I have also downloaded android-sdk and I have put that on in my desktop
and that also works ok.

I have installed eclipse-java-helios-SR2 in my programs folder
works perfectly , well I think it deos.
I have installed my android sdk into eclipse via
clicking on window and then preffereces and directed my eclipse to my android sdk
and every thing works perfectly I think
I then started with the hello world app so that I could get used to the way eclipse works
After many trys at the hello world I have finally got this to work.

The next step was to download my buzztouch app that I have built which I did and
I unzipped it to a document file and saved it. I then opened up eclipse and
I Created a new project. File > New > Android Project
Enter a project name
Choose Create a project from existing source
Using the Browse button, I located the source-code folder for my application.
Which loaded onto eclipse but it has 113 errors and 165 warnings. So I cannot run
this app and I am not sure what I should do about all the errors. The buzztouch should work and run on eclipse from the start with no errors or warnings
If at all possible please give me some basic information on how I correct theses errors
as I think that when the buzztouch app I built should open and run with out the errors.
So I think I have done some thing wrong in the eclipse or android sdk set up.

My working enviroment is windows vista I have 150 gigabits free hard drive space and plenty memory.
Thank you for any advice.

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