First steps in setting up VSCode to work with Python.

Mar 2, 2020
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good day dear community, i am in the mid of setup the vscode

well i made my very first steps here:

the question is : how would you set up the vs-code to run with python

is creating the venv the better or conda?

the manual notes;
cf. ... vironments

Creating environments
Using the Create Environment command
From within VS Code, you can create local environments, using virtual environments or Anaconda, by opening the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P), start typing the Python: Create Environment command to search, and then select the command.

The command presents a list of environment types: Venv or Conda.

a. creating an environment using Venv, the command presents a list of interpreters that can be used as a base for the new virtual environment.

b. creating an environment using Conda, the command presents a list of Python versions that can be used for the project.

which method is more appropiate?

By the way: We also could do it on terminal - this is also an option?

we can create reate a conda environment in the terminal

Well that said - i think this is another interesting option: In this case the Python extension automatically detects existing conda environments.
Well in this case i think i have to install a Python interpreter into the conda environment, otherwise one will be installed for us after we select the environment. For example, the following command creates a conda environment named env-01 with a Python 3.9 interpreter and several libraries:

conda create -n env-01 python=3.9 scipy=0.15.0 numpy

But - is this a good method!?

  • Question if we create a new conda environment while VS Code is running, is this in effect imitiately ?!
  • or should i make use of the refresh icon on the top right of the Python: Select Interpreter window;
  • I guess that otherwise we may not find the environment there.
lots of question. Its helpful to discuss the various methods - conda vs venv - !?

look forward to hear from you
Dec 10, 2022
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I use venv. I set up a environment for each project and it starts automatic when I open the project.
I have no experience with conda.

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