Querying IISMimeMap .. Access is denied .. HELP!

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Marlon, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Marlon

    Marlon Guest

    Code posted below ( I am not sure which group to post to, but I need help)

    I wrote a Windows Form Application to query the IIS MimeMap on the localhost
    which worked fine.

    I ran the same code in asp.net and got "Access is Denied" exception.

    What is the least permissions set I should grant the aspnet account to avoid
    the exception.
    Or any other suggest would be fine


    Private Function CacheMimeMaps() As Specialized.StringDictionary

    #If DEBUG Then

    Dim starttime As DateTime = DateTime.Now

    #End If

    Dim entry As DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry


    Dim mimeMaps As New Specialized.StringDictionary

    entry = New DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry("IIS://localhost/MimeMap")

    Dim pvcMimeMap As DirectoryServices.PropertyValueCollection =

    For Each o As Object In pvcMimeMap

    Dim mt As IISOle.IISMimeType = CType(o, IISOle.IISMimeType)

    mimeMaps.Add(mt.Extension, mt.MimeType)

    #If DEBUG Then

    Console.WriteLine("{0} = {1}", mt.Extension, mt.MimeType)

    #End If


    ' MimeMaps were found

    If mimeMaps.Count > 0 Then

    Me.Cache.Add(MIMEMAP, mimeMaps, Nothing, Cache.NoAbsoluteExpiration,
    Cache.NoSlidingExpiration, Caching.CacheItemPriority.Low, Nothing)

    Return mimeMaps

    End If

    pvcMimeMap = Nothing

    Catch ex As Exception ' do nothing



    #If DEBUG Then

    Dim endtime As DateTime = DateTime.Now

    Console.WriteLine(starttime.ToString() & "." &

    Console.WriteLine(endtime.ToString() & "." & endtime.Millisecond.ToString())

    #End If

    If (Not entry Is Nothing) Then



    End If

    End Try

    End Function
    Marlon, Jul 22, 2004
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  2. Access is denied because only admins can run that code.
    By default, your code runs under a process for IIS that has no
    administrative rights.
    Egbert Nierop \(MVP for IIS\), Jul 22, 2004
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  3. Marlon

    Roger Bavaud Guest

    Roger Bavaud, Jul 22, 2004
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