Question about collections.defaultdict


Steven W. Orr

I created a new class called CaseInsensitiveDict (by stealing from code I
found on the web, thank you very much). The new class inherits from dict. It
makes it so that if the key has a 'lower' method, it will always access the
key using lower

I'd like to change the place where I previously declared a dict

self.lookup = defaultdict(list)

so that the new code will allow this new dict to be used instead. But then I
realized I may have painted myself into a small corner:

Is there a way to use defaultdict so that I can override what *kind* of dict
it will use?

I would like the value to still be a list be default, but it seems like I
can't tell defaultdict to use *my* new dict.

Do I give up on defaultdict?

BTW, 2.6 if it matters.

TIA :)

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